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Wisdom for Engaged Couples: Things to Know Before Marriage

Marriage is a serious commitment. Beyond all the glamour and excitement that trails the wedding preparation, engaged couples need to understand this. Now, this is not to scare you or discourage the excitement. No, it is mainly for you to… Continue Reading →

Tips to Ask a Guy of His Intentions Towards You

Understanding how a guy feels about you can be very confusing, especially when his intentions are unclear. As a woman, it is completely normal to want to know where you stand in a relationship. After all, you deserve to know… Continue Reading →

Signs You Are Wasting Your Time in a Relationship

How do you tell if you are wasting your time in a relationship? If you are asking this question, that is already a sign that there is a problem somewhere. Now, I am not saying that immediately means you need… Continue Reading →

Seven Sure Signs You Are Destined for Greatness

The truth is every single one of us has the potential for greatness; there is something on the inside of each one of us put in us by God that should spur us to success. Now, I’m sure you have… Continue Reading →

Signs You are a Strong Woman

I am a strong woman! I consider myself a strong woman and I am not afraid to say that anywhere, especially because I can see how the world is afraid of a strong woman and therefore, want to demonise the… Continue Reading →

How to Get The Best Deals On Black Friday

It is another November to remember! Black Friday is upon us again; that time of the year when retailers bless us with discounted prices. There is so much buying that goes on during Christmas; especially as it relates to buying… Continue Reading →


I had an experience some years back that made me have an epiphany. I read a story online about a pedophile who was abusing little children in his area. And while I was indeed disgusted at such a thing, I… Continue Reading →

Cries of a Child

“I need you!” her heart screamed. “I’m dying, I need help!” it cried out. But it went unheard, drowned by other voices; “My husband is a monster; he hit me every chance he got.” one said. “My parents don’t want… Continue Reading →


By the time you are reading this, you are probably thinking it is stale already … you are absolutely right, but read it anyways. I was obsessed … scratch that … I am completely obsessed with Black Panther. I knew… Continue Reading →

What Love Is Not

There are so many misconceptions about what love is online today. If you go online to find the definition or indicator of love, you are likely to find people talking about fairy tales or explaining it as depicted in romance… Continue Reading →

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