It is another November to remember!

Black Friday is upon us again; that time of the year when retailers bless us with discounted prices.

There is so much buying that goes on during Christmas; especially as it relates to buying gifts for loved ones.

So, it is great that we get to shop for all these at cheaper prices on Black Friday.

Surprisingly, however, not many people enjoy the benefits of Black Friday as they should because they do not have access to the best knowledge on how to get the best deals on Black Friday.

So, how do you get the best deals on Black Friday?


Make A List Of What You Need

Faced with the good news of discounted prices on products, it is easy to get carried away and either overshoot your budget or buy things that are unnecessary.

Even the most disciplined of us need a guide to organised shopping on Black Friday.

This is why it is expedient to make a list of all the things you need – and want – and make a budget that you absolutely cannot overshoot.

You can give yourself room to splurge but make sure to make provisions for that in your budget as well.


Have A List Of Retailers You Want To Buy From

There are so many retailers to choose from but every retailer has specific categories of products that they specialise on.

This might be as a written or unwritten rule. Some retailers deliberately concentrate on certain products while sometimes, retailers just have better products when it comes to certain categories.

For instance, where you find the best shoes might not be the best retailer for electronics.

You can find this out through thorough research.

When that is done, make a list of all the stores you will shop from, so you don’t waste time.


Set Alarm For 12 am On Friday

The early shoppers usually get the best deals, so if you want to be counted among them, you have to shop early.

Black Friday starts exactly 12 am on Friday. To avoid missing out – if you cannot stay awake – set an alarm or reminder on your phone.

This is so you can be one of the lucky partakers of the best deals.


Compare Prices

It is very important to compare prices if you want to get the best deals on Black Friday.

What is the point of Black Friday if you do not enjoy the best deals out there? Check more than one store to compare the prices so you can go for the best.

You can also check price history to be sure the deal is indeed worth it.


get the best deals on black Friday


Beware Of Fake Sites

Don’t be surprised that while genuine stores are preparing for Black Friday, cyber fraudsters are also preparing.

A lot of people are likely to let down their guards on Black Friday because they want to get the best deals.

Be realistic and honest with yourself; no retailer wants to run at a loss. If a deal looks too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true.

Besides that, check for websites that do not have “s” in their “//https://”. It means that the website is not secure because the “s” stands for secure.

Also, check for the padlock sign in the address bar beside the website address. It indicates whether a website is secure or not.

You might want to avoid websites that are not secure.


Acquaint Yourself With Return Policies

This is a very important point that many shoppers overlook.

Read the return policy on every retail site and, in fact, on every product because the return policy can turn a shopping experience into the worst experience ever.

Make sure that their policies are favourable or, at least, you agree with them before going ahead.


Check Shipping Prices

The shipping price of a retailer can make getting a good deal on a product worthless.

Check to make sure the shipping price is reasonable so you know if the deal is worth your time.


Check Other During The Week

Many retailers give great deals for a period of two weeks or even the whole of November.

A lot of shoppers miss out on great deals that are made available during the week. Don’t be one of them, check-in during the week and you might just be lucky to take advantage of a great deal.