There are so many misconceptions about unemotional people that for some reason a lot of people seem to believe.

If you are unemotional, I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from. I, personally, have lost a relationship because he thought I didn’t love him because I didn’t act as he expected.

And this leads me to what I want to say next; it is even worse if you are a woman.

People have fed so much into the supposed differences between men and women that when people don’t fall into that category, it is automatically a problem.

I am a woman, so my ex expected me to be emotional; the fact that I wasn’t translated to him that I didn’t love him.

Needless to say, I did.

But that is one of the misconceptions we face as unemotional people.

What other misconceptions or myths do people have about unemotional people?

They assume we don’t have feelings: I have already explained a little about this earlier but this probably one major misconception every unemotional person can relate to.

As a matter of fact, on the occasions that you express your feelings, you hear people say things like, “wow, I didn’t even know you had feelings.”

It used to irk me really but I have learnt to roll with it; it is peculiar to humans to try to define what they don’t understand.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but we have feelings – probably as much as you do – we are just used to addressing them with logic.

We think more with our head than our heart and it has become a habit that sometimes, we don’t even think about it, we just do.

It almost becomes natural to not get in our feelings but act logical, which is why most of us are imperturbable and calm. My friend calls it “having shock absorber”; the ability to stay calm in situations and think things through.

They assume we are heartless: People always assume unemotional people are heartless; this literally just makes me laugh.

I remembered when I was about graduating from Secondary School – for some reason, many of my juniors seemed to like me – so they were sad and were telling me how they were going to miss me.

Of course, I didn’t exactly understand.

Now, it is not like I didn’t totally understand that final moments are sad and we were going to miss each other.

But I just saw it as another phase of life ending and another beginning. I understood that we would soon make new friends and forget each other. Sad but it is very normal.

Now, my reaction was exactly what I explained above and one of them looked at me and said I was heartless.

I was shocked; I thought I was helping them deal with a sad situation by helping them see it logically. But apparently, I was supposed to join in their tears and sadness.

It might be hard to believe but we have a heart and it beats. But like I said earlier, why others allow the feelings to rule them, we don’t allow the feeling rule us.

They assume we never cry: Unemotional people hardly cry because we are not always all up in our feelings. Before the situation gets to the point where we have to cry, we have probably dealt with it.

So truly, we only cry when the situations have worsened.

Some of us are more emotional than others, so someone like me can even cry for a movie or when I see someone I love in real pain – not issues like a break-up (I don’t understand why people get sad over a break-up).

Unlike people think, we do cry when the situation calls for it; we just don’t cry as often as others.

If you are unemotional like me, you most likely relate to this. But this is for people who want to relate to unemotional people; you need to understand that we are might react to issues different from you but some of the things you think about us are simply myths.