Hey there … I am Ayandola Ayanleke. If allowed, I would regale you with unending stories about me, however, I am thinking that is probably not something you are looking for.

But guess what? That is exactly what you are getting.

Education Background

I know that opening line makes it sound like I am tough but hey … I can be… Ayandola survived three years of tyranny in a boarding school in the beautiful ancient city of Zaria. I proceeded to the University of Lagos because of my love for new places (first time in the southern part of the country), where I studied History and Strategic Studies.

Religion and Culture

I am a Christian; I love God and try to do what is right. You would see this element reflected a lot in my writing.

I am also Afrocentric, a major proponent of the African culture. I believe strongly that one of the routes to happiness is genuine acceptance of whom you are and where you are coming from.

I am fun

Ayandola is super fun and I like to think, with a sense of humour. So, you can rest assured I will keep you entertained.

I will be honest with you though … This blog came up as a way of fulfilling the lifelong promise I had with writing. I don’t necessarily enjoy writing but writing likes me and made me promise to touch lives with my pen, give hope to the hopeless, put smiles on the faces of folks who have little to smile about, make people think differently about certain things beyond what they are used to and generally make people happy.

Succinctly, there are three things you need to know about me. I am an African Christian who loves to … watch movies … read novels … WRITE. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and you have fun while at it.

I sincerely appreciate you visiting my blog.

You are welcome to send me messages via email or through the contact page.

Thank you.