The truth is every single one of us has the potential for greatness; there is something on the inside of each one of us put in us by God that should spur us to success.

Now, I’m sure you have heard this before and you are probably wondering if this is true. You are probably thinking that is this is true, then why does it seem like some people are great and others aren’t?

The answer is simple. Although we all have the potential to be great, some people possess the quality to work out their greatness.

From a careful study of great and successful people, they usually have certain things in common. So, it is safe to conclude that people who have these qualities are indeed destined for greatness.

And we have put together seven of those qualities that great people and those destined for greatness possess.



  1. You Are Not Afraid Of Failure

One of the problems with most people is their fear of failure. They are so scared of failing at something that they decide not to try.

However, one of the signs you are destined for greatness is your ability to dare failure and go-ahead to do what you want to do.

Great people do what they need to do even if they will fail. And if they do fail, they pick themselves up and try again.

There is no great person ever who will not tell you of the multiple times that they tried something and failed but the difference between them and the average person is that they never let that stop them.


  1. You Read

Ever heard the phrase, “readers are leaders”? It is not a cliché but true that people who read are usually at the forefront wherever you find them.

Great people are readers. And they don’t just read books about their field; they read anything and everything.

They are great believers in knowing something about everything. And so, they are ever ready to learn; some even make it a thing to learn something new every day.




  1. You Take Responsibility For Your Life

Some so many people wait for change and so, blame everybody but themselves for why their life is the way it is.

They are stuck and waiting for help to come from the government, their parents, family or friends. But great people take their life in their hands.

They work out the change they want to see; they are not waiting for change to come from any corner.

So, if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of their life; they change it.





  1. You Don’t See Impossibility

While others believe something can’t be done; great people see possibility. They are constantly thinking of ways to do seemingly impossible things.

Some of the great things we have today were impossible years ago but someone dreamed it and made it possible.

For instance, the Wright brothers believed that men could fly and now, we have the aeroplane.

In the same way, as a person destined for greatness, where people see problems; you see the opportunity to find a solution.




  1. You Are Relentlessly Persistent

There will always be failure, setbacks and rejections but great people don’t see those as a reason to back down.

In fact, it challenges them to do better and find better ways to accomplish their goals.

If you are relentlessly persistent despite what challenges come your way, you are definitely destined for greatness and it is only a matter of time before you achieve greatness.


  1. You Understand Meaningful Relationships

Great people are surrounded by other great people. It is not a surprise to find that successful people are usually friends because mediocre people are usually frustrated with great people and vice versa.

If you are destined for greatness, you understand that you cannot go on the journey alone but you need people to help you in different ways.

You are not afraid to ask for help and also render help when you are asked for help. You nurture meaningful relationships and they always yield results.




  1. You Are Constantly Positive

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” – Prov. 23:7

Great people do not react to life; they respond to life. So when life throws them its curveball, they roll with the punches and press on.

They don’t see disappointments as the end or worry about things not going well. They find the light at the end of the tunnel and keep moving towards it, even if they have to crawl.

They do not accept failure; they do not see it as their final destination. They know they are destined for greatness; they believe it, they manifest it and act like it.

So, they do not allow themselves to be defeated by negative situations.



The road to greatness is surely not easy because there are billions of people competing for the scarce positions of greatness. However, if you have any of these qualities mentioned above, don’t give up, keep pressing on. It is only a matter of time before you achieve greatness because you are destined for greatness.