One of my male readers reached out to me to ask me to write on this topic. He had read one of my articles that he felt was directed at women and felt I should write one that would help men in understanding women better.

The article he was referring to was on ways to identify dishonesty in your partner, so it wasn’t directed only to women, in actual fact. And I feel the need to point this out because I do not claim to understand men or even women to write about them.

The reason is simple; I do not subscribe to grouping people because I strongly believe that people are individuals.

Yes, certain stereotypes might be true about a certain group of people but at the end of the day, people are still individuals.

And the faster we realise that, the easier we will find it to relate to people. One of the reasons we get frustrated relating to people is because we presume that we already know how to handle them based on some stereotypical knowledge.

But if you treat people like individuals and take time to know them, you are likely to find it easier to deal with them.

Why do I feel the need to lay this background information?

It is because the same rule applies to understand women better. No man should waste his time trying to understand women, he should rather try to learn and understand his woman better.

Women are not the same just like men are not the same; in fact, no two human beings can be completely alike, which is why I always laugh when people want to use a one size fits all solution for women because apparently are from Jupiter or is it Pluto now?

There are so many stereotypical rules that you will come across that will want to paint women and men a certain way.

Their explanation might be spot on for your partner but they could also be grossly wrong. So instead of wasting time looking for materials to understand women, take it upon yourself to know and understand your woman.

Watch and observe her, communicate with her and also influence her to be open and communicate, so you can understand her.

I mean, you actually don’t need to know every woman; you only need to know your own woman.

If you and your partner don’t work out, when you meet another woman, start the process all over again and get to know your woman.

This is really the key to understanding women.