“The one”

The idea that there is someone who is the one already puts a lot of pressure on us. But it is also important that we find the one for us because we all deserve to find love with that person who just does it for us.

I believe that “the one” is not exactly one person out of the billions of people in the world but the number of people who can fit into that “the one” position because love with them just clicks.

If you have not found the one yet, don’t give up; there is hope and these tips will help you identify the one for you when you finally find them.

  1. You Are Happy

This is obvious and it is probably the fastest check to know if you have found the one or not.

Are you happy?

Your answer to this question is very important because you cannot be with the one for you and be unhappy.

Does that mean you won’t have sad moments in your relationship or even in your life? No, that is unrealistic; healthy couples still quarrel but they resolve amicably and respectfully.

When you are with the one, you both will make sure to make each other’s happiness a priority.

  1. You Are Yourself

We should all desire to be better than we were yesterday, but we should not lose the unique things that make us who we are.

When you are with the one for you, you will be free to be yourself because they will love you for who you are and even love those unique things about you.

You should know you are in the wrong place if your partner is pressuring you to change. Your one will always enjoy you as you are and you will do the same for them.

  1. Your Goals And Values Align

One of the trusted proofs that you have found the one is that your goals and values will align. There are many people you can develop strong feelings for but if you are not seeing the world largely in the same way, they are not the one.

I am not saying you have to be totally the same or agree about everything. However, your core values should align or you will not be able to work together.

  1. You Accept Your Differences

I mentioned in the point above that you will not agree about everything.  No two persons are the same; so you can forget about finding someone who is exactly like you.

However, when you are with the right person, both of you will accept and even understand your differences.

You will both understand that you don’t have to be totally similar; will both compromise where necessary and agree to disagree on others.

  1. You Are Physically And Emotionally Attracted To Each Other

Both physical and emotional attractions are important in any romantic relationship. None should be compromised for the other.

If you have found the one, you will be attracted to what you see and you will also be connected to them in a deep way that you cannot even explain.

  1. You Are Friends

The one for you will be your friend and vice versa. Somebody once said there is a difference between “being in love” and “liking” someone. The person was equating being in love with having feelings for someone and liking someone with having a genuine and deep affection for the person.

This likeness is usually the feeling between friends and if you have it with your partner, you have found something special.

  1. You Have Peace And Know In Your Guts

Don’t underestimate the power of your instinct to lead you. If you feel troubled over being with someone, the person is probably the wrong one for you.

But if you feel at peace and you just know deep in your guts that this person has your back, you are most likely with the one.

  1. You Love Each Other

I mean, but of course, if there is no love, you have nothing. How do you feel about the person and how does the person feel about you?

The one for you will love you and you will also find it easy to love them.

Clear signs you have found the one for you