Imagine waking up one day to discover that we haven’t exactly lived; we have just been floating through life.

We cannot change the past; we might as well not dwell on that. But we have a chance of changing the future. We deserve to live a full life and we cannot experience that by simply wishing, we have to make changes.

I realised recently that if I wanted to improve my life, I needed to know the toxic things to stop doing. Ever since I made that decision, I have been very grateful.

I decided not to hoard the information I had and that is what spurred me to write this piece. What are the toxic things to stop doing that will drastically improve your life?


  1. Living For Others

One of the worst things you can ever do to yourself is to live for others. A lot of us are so scared of hurting other people that we have become pushovers.

Selflessness is important but you need to love yourself as well and do what makes you happy (as far as you are not hurting anyone) even when others don’t understand it.

One thing I have realised is that others might object because they are used to you putting them above yourself but if you stick to your guns, they will adjust.


  1. Spending Your Life On Your Phone

I used to spend all my life on my phone and I didn’t see anything wrong with it; I just felt it was part of enjoying my life.

But I had to tell myself the hard truth; I was becoming addicted to my phone and it was keeping me from being productive in other areas.

I am still not totally over it but I have made more effort to not live life glued to my phone and I have been seeing improvement in my productivity and appreciation of nature.

Some of the best things in life are actually not on our phones.


  1. Living In The Past

The past is gone and we can never get it back. We have all done things in the past that we wish we can take back … I know I have.

But dwelling on it will amount to nothing; it will simply keep us from moving forward. You cannot change the past; learn from it and move on.


  1. Being Negative

One of the toxic things to stop doing if you want to drastically improve your life is looking at life with negative lenses.

There are two ways to respond to life; positively or negatively.

The danger of being negative is that we attract the energy we give out. So, if you want to be more positive, stay positive even when it seems difficult to do.




toxic things to stop doing to improve your life



  1. Discontentment

The Holy Bible says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” If you are discontent, you will keep chasing shadows.

You will keep stressing because you will keep living with the mentality that you need something to make your life complete.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ambitious or wish for more but be grateful and contented with your present situation while working towards your goal.


  1. Working Only For Money

Money is important; I won’t even pretend it isn’t. So, I am not saying we shouldn’t consider money when considering taking a job or career path.

But it is also much more important to consider passion and how much you enjoy the job; that is what will bring true fulfilment.




  1. Holding Onto Anger And Keeping Grudges

It might sound like a cliché when people say forgiveness is for you and not for the offender, but it is a very true statement.

Holding unto bitterness will not make the other person suffer; in fact, they might not even know you are that bothered.

For your peace and sanity, let it go, sometimes, even when they don’t offer any apology.




  1. Complaining

Complaining is one of the toxic things to stop doing. The truth is that you probably have justifiable reasons to complain.

We all can relate to life throwing us curve balls but no situation has been changed by complaining. Change any issue you can and leave the ones you cannot control.


  1. Living An Unhealthy Lifestyle

The things you eat and the kind of lifestyle you lead is highly connected to your general life. Your life will greatly improve if you eat healthily and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and live an active lifestyle.


  1. Comparing Yourself To Others

You are unique; there is no one like you and you cannot be like anybody else. Trying to be someone else or judging yourself based on someone else will frustrate you.

Appreciate yourself and your uniqueness and you will live a fuller life being yourself.