Any relationship built on lies cannot stand. But beyond that, no one wants to be at the receiving end of deception in their relationship, especially not when they are honest.

A dishonest person is the worst person to be in a relationship with because they make having trust in them and the relationship difficult.

But that’s even when you can recognise their dishonesty, what if you can’t? In this case, what you don’t know can kill you; it is important to identify if your partner is dishonest with you.

How do you identify a dishonest partner? What are the signs your partner is dishonest with you?




  1. They Are Inconsistent

Your partner is most likely dishonest with you when they are inconsistent. Dishonest people are neither here nor there; they are here today and there tomorrow.

When you cannot understand your partner (not from lack of trying), when you cannot say basic things about them even after being with them for a while because their story and life is inconsistent, they are likely dishonest.


  1. Their Stories Don’t Add Up

Stories might not add up once in a while because of misunderstanding. You should ask them about it and not immediately accuse them, especially if this is the case.

However, if it is happening repeatedly, then it is something to be worried about.

If they tell you something and the story changes the next day or circumstances don’t seem to follow what they are saying, they are likely dishonest with you.


  1. They Are Evasive

There is probably no clearer proof that your partner is lying to you than when they are evasive. Dishonest people are usually vague and defensive when they are being questioned.

Sometimes, they might gaslight and turn it on you because they are trying to draw the attention away from them. You should be worried if your partner is refusing to give you straight answers.


  1. Your Guts Say They Are Lying

Sometimes, all you need to know that your partner is dishonest with you is because your intuition is raising the red flag alarm.

Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition to lead you. Now, if you are insecure, it could be your insecurity speaking.

But if you are sure you are secure in your relationship, and you develop a sudden gut feeling that you are being lied to, it is worth investigating.

Don’t accuse them but don’t ignore it either; investigate it.




Signs your partner is dishonest with you





  1. They Accuse You Of Lying

Liars always assume that others are lying; it is almost funny but people who do certain things assume others are doing the same.

If your partner is constantly accusing you of lying without just cause, they are likely just projecting.


  1. Their Body Language Is Off

A partner who usually leans towards you and maintains eye contact when talking to you and suddenly stops this is probably lying to you.

Usually, when people are lying, they find it difficult to maintain eye contact and they could also be acting nervous because of the fear of being caught.


  1. Something Is Off About Them

Another indication your partner might be dishonest with you is if something is off about them. If their behaviour just doesn’t add up.

If they are acting strange or distant, you might want to find out if they are lying.



I will like to state that it is important to first investigate without throwing accusations because all these could also be an indication of other underlying issues that has nothing to do with dishonesty.

But whatever the case, seeing any of these signs in your relationship means something is up and you should definitely work on it.