If you are a Christian, then, you probably already know that there is a difference between a good man and a Godly man.

There are a lot of good men around but for us Christians, our calling makes it important to not just marry a good man but a Godly one. We have been instructed by the Bible not to be unequally yoked.

This is because no matter how good a “man” is, he cannot measure to the standard of God and that is why believing in Jesus is what saves us and not “good” works.

It is, therefore, Jesus who renews and works on us to attain perfection. This work doesn’t go on in “good” people, it only goes on in “saved” people, people who accept their helplessness and believe in Jesus to save them.

Now, if you are saved, you might think it is easy to identify another saved person and this can be quite difficult because there are so many people in church today who are simply Christians on paper and are not saved.

The Bible, however, said, by their fruits, we shall know them, so we will be looking at the fruits of a Godly man.

How do you identify a Godly man?




  1. A Godly Man Is Saved

I debated including this but I feel like I have to even though it is quite obvious. A man cannot be Godly unless he is saved.

It is as a result of the salvation of Jesus that a man becomes Godly because his spirit is regenerated, he is given a spirit that prefers Godliness to iniquity.

How do you know this? You can by asking for his salvation experience. If he is talking about being from a Christian home, then he probably isn’t saved. Every saved person can recount their salvation experience.


  1. A Godly Man Fears God

A lot of believers – in recent times – are becoming uncomfortable with the concept of “fearing God.” This is because they feel like it is inconsistent with the image of a loving God.

But the truth is that as much as we want to romanticise the idea of God, God is both loving and just and therefore, fearful. I mean, the Bible describes Him as a consuming fire.

There is nothing more fearful than a consuming fire. However, that is not even exactly what I mean here.

A man who fears God will reverence Him and will make sure to put God into consideration before He does anything.

He is not a man that takes God’s love and mercy for granted; he is a man who seeks to please God in all he does.

If you have a man like this, you are practically settled, because as he is seeking to please God, he will do right by you.


How to identify a Godly man


  1. A Godly Man Is Faithful

I mean, this goes without saying.

You know that rhetoric about all men cheating and men not being able to control themselves because of their testosterone and all other lies some men peddle to get away with cheating, a Godly man doesn’t take part in that.

A Godly man knows how God feels about cheating, so he stays far away from it. In fact, he is faithful even while you are single and he treats your body like the temple of God that it is.

He is a man who wouldn’t ask you for s*x and threaten to leave if you don’t accept, when you are still single.

He will wait because he is also practising purity.

One thing I want you to pick from this is that marriage doesn’t cure lust and if he is lustful as a single man, he is likely to be as a married man.




  1. A Godly Man Is Constantly Working On Himself

I will like point out that I am not saying a Godly man have to have attained perfection; he could be a work in progress.

But a Godly man knows that he has to actually work on being more like Christ. He is constantly studying the word, praying and learning all he can to be more like Jesus.

A man who is comfortable in his fleshly desires is not Godly. Someone who is Godly will definitely always want to be better.




  1. A Godly Man Is Not Bound By Culture But Christ

There are many aspects of culture that have found its way into the church and sometimes, we even twist scriptures to accommodate them.

A man who is Godly is bound only by Christ’s example and not what the culture of the day says.

He does not make his decisions or base his life principles on what the world is saying or even his friends and family; Christ is his watchword.




  1. A Godly Man Understands His Role As The Priest Of The Home

The Bible says that the husband is the head of the wife but many people have made this to mean that the husband is superior or should be dictatorial.

But one of the ways to identify a Godly man is by his understanding of headship. Is his understanding of headship based on the society or based on Christ?

Christ is the head of the church; how does Christ treat the church? Christ actually shows an example of servanthood in leadership and not dictatorship.

Christ washed the feet of His disciples, made breakfast for them, and told them the one who is the leader serves. That is what headship is about in Christendom and a Godly man knows that.


  1. A Godly Man Does Not Forsake The Fellowship Of The Brethren

Another way to identify a Godly man is that he loves to be in the midst of other believers. It is really simple; we attract who and what we are.

People naturally like to be around people with common interest. So, a Godly man will enjoy fellowshipping with other believers.