You love your partner… I know you do and you don’t mean to take them for granted but sometimes, it just happens.

I’m sure many of us can relate to the end of what we call the “honeymoon stage” in our relationship.

This is largely caused by familiarity which makes us take our relationship for granted because we become complacent.

But the honeymoon stage doesn’t have to end; in fact, it shouldn’t. Maintaining a relationship is hard work and we have to keep putting in the work if we want to keep the love alive.

We have to introduce romantic gestures to spice up our relationship.

What are the romantic gestures that can keep your love alive?




  1. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed will always be effective in spicing up your relationship and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t have to be elaborate.

This will work better as a home-cooked meal but if your partner knows you cannot cook and you order breakfast before they wake up, you will score major points for effort.


  1. Surprise Gifts

Some people are not particular about gifts because it is not their love language. For this set of people, their love language is usually quality time.

And if you don’t spend quality time with them, the gifts will not be appreciated.

But generally, people appreciate gifts, especially, those little “thinking of you” gifts. You can either make a sentimental gift or order something that you know they will like.

E-commerce has made it easy to even order items and get them to the recipient from the comfort of your home, so it is easier.




romantic gestures that can keep your love alive


  1. Love Letters

Social media has made love letters kind of go extinct. This is why they are very special when one gets them because they are not popular.

It has more effect when it is handwritten but you can also send an electronic mail to them in the form of a letter.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be from your heart.


  1. Flirt

When you are together, flirt with each other with light touches and cute words. And if you are apart, send cute and flirty messages to each other to keep in touch.

It will also help register in both your minds that you are thinking about each other and looking forward to being together again.


  1. Surprise Lunch Date

If you are both working and your lunchtime coincides, you can visit your partner at the office to invite them on a lunch date.

You could also pack them lunch and show up at their workplace, especially when they are having a slow day at the office.


  1. Spontaneous Compliments

Paying your partner spontaneous compliments is one of the romantic gestures that can keep your love alive.

We all want to believe that our partner finds us attractive and let’s be honest, we will all love to be paid compliments, at least, once in a while.

It doesn’t have to be every time but those spontaneous compliments that are not expected or asked for hit differently.




  1. Spend the Whole Day Indoors

If you both lead busy lives, you are both likely to appreciate this more. Take a day off, probably on a weekend, to spend time with each other.

It is important to stay off social media if you want to do this. You could Netflix and chill, hang out, talk and just generally enjoy each other without distractions from the outside world.