You know, if you want to stick to a cheat, it is all well and good but trying to feel like there is anything special about you just because you are sticking to a cheat is pathetic.

The truth at the end of the day is that you are just deceiving yourself. The reason why you are there has nothing with being a better human being. It amazes me really: how can someone think there is anything honourable in enduring suffering?

I read a post of a lady talking HAUGHTILY about how she doesn’t understand how women will leave if a man cheats on them. According to her, if a man cheats on her, that means there is something she is not doing right and so, she will spend her time being the queen he wants, so he doesn’t cheat again.

I was shocked or maybe not shocked that men were saying how she is an awesome person and a girl after their heart.

Am I the only one that thinks she is sick and needs medical attention?

It is not normal to have this mentality, I am sorry.

Not all men are cheats. If you find yourself with one, do not try to console yourself with the fact that every man is two-timing and doesn’t have the discipline or self-control to keep it in his pants.

The truth is that any woman who thinks that is either brainwashed or she is wallowing in low self-esteem.

For you to think you are the reason for men cheating and the solution is for you to conform to a particular trait to keep him from cheating is downright ludicrous.

Trust me, after you do all that “becoming a queen,” a cheat will remain one. The problem is with him. He is the one who needs Jesus to work on himself, not you.

He cheats because he is a cheat not because you have done something wrong.

People do not do anything that is not in them already, they do it because that is who they are.

And no, men do not have testosterone problem, men cheat because they want to. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If he thinks he has testosterone problem, then that is what he will keep having.

A man that wants to leave above societal dictates or expectation can. Do not be deceived.

You need to get over that mentality fast.

It is destructive.