You probably already have the idea of the man you want to date and marry in your head and it is only expected that you do. And you are probably not hearing this for the first time but men also have a picture of the kind of woman they want in their head as well.

I always say that people are individuals and should be treated as such, so the desires of men differ; however, generally, certain traits appeal to them. If you are in love with your boyfriend and you want to be the woman of his dreams, you know what to do.

You simply have to learn the ways to be a woman of his dreams and this article will point you to some of these traits that will see to it that you fast become the woman of his dreams.


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Be Independent

On the surface, it looks like men don’t like independent women but the truth is they love a woman who has something going for herself; they don’t want a liability.

An average man will desire that his wife doubles as his partner in many things; such a man appreciates when his woman can be his partner at home and outside.

No good man appreciates a woman who can’t brainstorm with him, come up with tenable and practical solutions to arising challenges, suggest business opportunities or career development tips, agree on methods for child upbringing and so on.

An average good man is someone who wants to be proud of his wife in public; confident that she can hold her own. Ensure you are a team player as well and not someone who insists on her way and is not ready to compromise.


Be Spontaneous

No man wants a boring, plain and predictable lady as a life partner. The fun and happiness in the life of a relationship lie heavily on your ability to be spontaneous.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Spontaneous means doing things that have not been planned but that seem enjoyable and worth doing at a particular time; activities arising from a momentary impulse.

In essence, don’t wait till it is an anniversary before you plan a picnic or a getaway, gifts should not be restricted to birthdays alone; surprise lunch packs should be included.

Don’t let every day look like yesterday, spice things up and you’ll be the woman of his dreams forever.


Have A Sense Of Humour

This cannot be overstated. No man appreciates a woman who cannot only pull jokes that are definite to bring smiles or laughter to his face and also able to catch a humorous remark and lighten things up generally.

Most men like to joke around and there’s nothing as depressing as a woman who isn’t able to laugh with a man or make him laugh.

Therefore, you want to ensure that you’re not uptight and a party pooper but a woman who can be goofy when situations warrant it. In essence, have a sense of humour.


how to be the woman of his dreams


Be Assertive

In this case, it is not about being adamant about what you want but it is about having a mind of your own and being clear in communicating what you want. Men appreciate women that state their intentions from the start and do not dilly-dally with their emotions.

In most cases, when a woman knows what she wants and is not up to playing games, she gets it. so, be intentional about stating your expectations and intentions from the start, you’ll not scare the right man away but rather attract him.


Be Mature

When a man finds a woman who is not just beautiful on the outside but complements it with maturity, he’s bound to offer his heart on a platter of gold to such a woman.

Men appreciate when a woman is mature enough to express her emotions and feelings. It is frustrating for most men to be left to guess what is wrong with the woman.

It can be cute to allow your man to find out what’s wrong with you but there’s a thin line between being cute and sullying; most men will give up after a while because after all, they are not mind-readers.

So, be that mature woman who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind when asked and who handles situations coolly and logically.


High Self-esteem/Self-worth

A woman who knows her self-worth is very attractive. Men value the worth of a woman, they respect a woman that knows her worth and displays it.

They may be looking for a fling but when they see that such a woman is the whole packaging and not someone to trifle or play with, they gracefully withdraw or get serious and committed.


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Be Caring, Friendly and Thoughtful

Emotional intelligence is a trait that is rare but attractive. You don’t want to be that kind of woman who isn’t considerate, caring and friendly.

Men are immensely attracted to women who are not only beautiful but also kind. Unkind and impolite people are a lot to handle; nobody wants that.