Confidence is always attractive; this is a simple explanation for why confident women get things done and get people to listen to them.

The thing about confidence is that you don’t have to be an expert in whatever you are saying or doing, but if you show confidence, people will naturally assume you are. This is clearly why some brilliant and talented people who are timid get sidelined for confident people who are not as talented.

I do not have to tell you that the world is already tough on a woman, so you have to work extra hard to get what you want. And you can start by being confident. How do you do this? This list of some of the habits of a confident woman will help you get started.

What are some of the habits of confident women?


She Reads

A confident woman reads. The truth is you can only get so far without being knowledgeable and being able to hold a conversation and you can only do this when you read.

Readers are leaders and if you want to be a leader, it goes without saying that you have to read.

Also, usually, we can build self-confidence when we are certain we know what we are doing or what we are talking about. You can never go wrong with reading vastly; it increases your confidence and makes you valuable in your field.


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She Questions The Norm

The world is afraid of strong women and that is why they always shut down women who are refusing to conform to the norm.

There is a clear difference between people who hurt other people to achieve whatever they want and those who don’t care to be stopped by obstacles.

Society, however, sometimes, likes to treat women who are in the latter category as though they are in the former; they will make you feel guilty for questioning cultural systems that make you uncomfortable.

But for a confident woman, the objection spurs her on; it doesn’t stop her. She isn’t afraid to go against the flow because she is ready to take her life in her hands.



She Is Independent

This goes without saying; a dependent woman can hardly be confident because her life is based on what someone else says or wants.

He who owns the piper determines the tune.

Although no one is an island and we are all interdependent, but for confident women, they are not totally dependent on anybody. They stand on their own, taking charge of their lives and contributing their own quota to better the society.


She Is Positive

Confident people are very positive people; that is how they are able to stay confident. We all experience self-doubt at one point or the other in our lives, but confident people shake off the doubt and get things done.

A confident woman thinks positively and speaks positively about her situation and that of others. She is not in denial of all the things that could go wrong but she is more interested in focusing on the positive.


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She Is Hardworking And Ambitious

Nobody hands anything over to us on a platter of gold. Although confidence can get you in the door, your hard work and attitude to work are what will keep you in the room.

Confident women know this, so they are ready to fold their sleeves, and get their hands dirty to produce an excellent result.

They are also resilient and ambitious because they have dreams and goals and they will put in their best to achieve them.


She Invests In Looking Good

Looking good is good business; you are addressed the way you are dressed; which might seem unfair but that is how the world works.

Knowing this, confident women dress the part. Think about it, the first impression anyone can have of you is your dressing; so why not make sure it is a good impression?

In case you are wondering how to go about this, just think about how you want to be perceived, then dress the part.


She Doesn’t Compare Herself To Others

One of the greatest traps that many have fallen into is the trap of comparison. The problem with comparison is that it will put you on a wild goose chase because there will always be someone who has something you don’t.

A confident woman knows this and so, she embraces her uniqueness and is in competition only with herself; striving to be better than she was yesterday.

Now that you have learnt some of the habits of confident women, why not start imbibing them to build your self-confidence?