I remember when I told my friend when I was a lot younger that my brother did not have a girlfriend and she did not believe. She kept arguing with me about how impossible it was that he would not have a girlfriend at that stage of his life.

I remember I told my brother and he explained to me that people usually draw their own conclusions about other people from the kind of people they are.

When I was serving, I had a friend in the school we were serving who I knew and could swear was single.

When my roommate mentioned it to one of the guys in our lounge, he insisted that it was impossible for a guy to be single.

According to him, the guy must have one lady somewhere.

I didn’t join in the argument then but I found it ridiculous that he actually thought that. I can recall thinking that the fact that you cannot go without being single does not mean others cannot.

What am I saying? People are not the same, we are all different.

No all women like money and can substitute love for money and not every man is a cheat.

The problem with going about with this mentality is that you are likely to fall into one of it. That is truth.

The Bible knew what it was saying when it said, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

In this context, what you expect is what you have.

The reason you have only met girls who are interested in your money is because that is what you expect.

And the only reason you have only met men who cheat on you is because that is what you expect.

Believe it or not, not everybody is like that, people are not the same. There are decent people, the world over.

Believe you can find them and you will.