Society has made many women and even men lose touch with what it takes to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend.

And I say men too because a lot of men, unfortunately, don’t even know what they need to be happy in a relationship because of the obsessive need to “act like men”.

If you ask many of them, they hammer so much on things like respect and food like that’s all it takes to be a good girlfriend and if they end up with women who also don’t know, they miss out on so much more that they can enjoy in a relationship.

This is why I felt the need to write an article on how to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend to make your man a fulfilled man even if he doesn’t know he needs it.


How to Be a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend

  1. Be His Friend

A lot of times, we are so caught up in the fact that we are in a romantic relationship that we forget it is supposed to still be about friendship. If you ask me, the friendship part is even more important than every other thing.

The friendship you build with your partner is what will see you through tough times and times of disagreement. Your boyfriend wants a companion and partner who he can talk to. Be that person for him.


  1. Give Him Space

Now, I’m not saying don’t spend any time together; I’m talking about occasional space, which is healthy for the relationship. Clinginess is a major turnoff and it is never attractive.

Let him have time for himself and his friends.

Don’t feel neglected and start nagging him when he wants occasional space, especially when he specifically asks for it.

As far as he has shown you he wants to be with you and likes being in your presence, you have nothing to worry about.




  1. Trust Him

Trust is earned and you shouldn’t trust an unfaithful man; in fact, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with an unrepentant cheat.

But if he has given you no reason to distrust him, then it will hurt him if you let insecurity and doubts take over you.




  1. Don’t Nag Him

There is that temptation to nag a man when you want him to change or when he does things you don’t appreciate. But you need to remember you can’t change anybody considering you can’t even change yourself.

I always say if you cannot stand someone’s imperfections, you shouldn’t be with them.

However, if they are tolerable and not harmful, you might want to pick your battles, especially if it’s beginning to cause problems.

You will not find a perfect man because you are also not perfect, so it is unrealistic to expect perfection from him or anybody, for that matter.

Please don’t misunderstand; don’t settle for less than you deserve, so I’m not saying be with a cheat or an abuser excusing his imperfections.

I’m talking about other things that you know you can tolerate and are not harmful to you or the relationship.


how to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend


  1. Be Independent but Interdependent

While men can also lose themselves in relationships, women do this the most because the expectations put on women in relationships can be so overwhelming.

But you have to rise above that to have a fulfilling relationship.

It is important to make your own money, still spend time with your girls and family and definitely don’t forsake your dreams for the relationship.

On the other hand, there is so much talk about independence these days that sometimes, we don’t know how to find the balance.

You cannot be in a relationship and expect to be completely independent; there has to be a form of interdependence. You cannot claim to be in a relationship while you are living single; it will definitely turn off your partner.


  1. Let Him Feel Appreciated

Men are sometimes not appreciated for all they do. If your man loves you and is good to you, it is important to appreciate him.

Sometimes, we get so hung up on what they do wrong that we don’t acknowledge what they do right. Yes, he is imperfect but does he make you happy? If yes, that deserves appreciation.


  1. Show Him You Care

There are many ways to show that you care about him and sometimes, it is in the little things.

Listen to him, support his dreams, encourage him and just generally, let him know through your words and actions that you are and will always be in his corner.




  1. Befriend His friends

His friends have been in his life long before you got there and nobody with healthy self-esteem enjoys someone who wants to come between them and their friends.

I’m not saying go out of your way to impress them or make them your besties. But be friendly to them and nice.

Talk to them as you would any new friend you meet and you might be surprised that they will be your greatest support when your man is acting up.


  1. Say What You Mean

I don’t know where we got this culture of not saying anything or not saying what we mean and expecting men to just get it.

Men are not mind-readers; so it is frustrating.

That’s why when they meet a woman who doesn’t address issues with passive-aggressiveness but polite conversation, they are usually grateful.

The silent treatment is just childish; if he does something you don’t like or you want something he is not doing, let him know.

Don’t say “nothing” when you mean “everything.”


  1. Look Good

I don’t usually feel comfortable writing anything that has to do with stereotypes. However, I think we can all agree most men are moved by what they see.

Also, they want their women to look good because of the pride of showing you off to their friends.

Besides that, taking care of yourself and looking good is for you more than for him. It keeps you healthy and also makes you feel good about yourself.



I know there is so much talk about men treating their women like trash but there are so many good men out there still. Those men deserve good women as well. While this article is not to change you, it is to help you see how you can be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend.