This year is clearly unprecedented, at least, for many of us. 2020 is beyond doubt, a year, unlike many others. And unfortunately, we cannot celebrate Christmas like we used to.

Does that mean we are doomed to have a sad Christmas? Absolutely not. This is because like someone said, the fact that we are alive is an achievement in 2020.

And we need to celebrate in gratitude to God. But how do we safely celebrate Christmas amidst a pandemic? That’s the question. And this article will seek to answer that question.


How to Safely Celebrate Christmas Amidst a Pandemic

  1. Start Shopping Early

For some reason, many of us wait till the last minute to start Christmas shopping and then the Saturday before or a few days before Christmas, you find the malls and stores crowded.

Crowded stores are discouraged this year and stores will most likely put a limit on those who come in at once and that will be frustrating. So to avoid that, it might be better to shop early.

And if you are shopping online (which is most advisable to reduce contact), don’t let that stop you from shopping early as well because shipping companies might be overwhelmed by the time you get around to it.

The first two weeks of the month is a great time to shop.


  1. Prioritise Important Tradition

There are many things we usually do during Christmas that we might not be able to do this year. So, to still keep the spirit of the season, prioritise what you and your family consider important.

Is it decorating the tree together? Exchanging gifts? Singing carols? Cooking together? While you might not be able to invite friends over, you can always have a fun time with your family.




how to safely celebrate Christmas during a pandemic


  1. Prioritise Creating Experience over Spending Money

We can all agree that the pandemic dealt a devastating blow on the global economy. If your family has enough, this might not apply to you but if you are struggling financially, it doesn’t have to translate to a bad holiday.

Although we don’t get it most times, experiences are more significant and memorable than gifts (even though gifts are still important).

Create fun and beautiful experiences with your family. Do activities together and have these memories that are worth more than gold.




  1. Decorate Your Yard

You will probably want to entertain outdoor instead of indoors because of the need to keep up physical distancing, so you should definitely go overboard with your outdoor decorations.

Get a tree for the outdoor, decorate your yard and get it set for a beautiful Christmas.


  1. Stay Safe

In all you do, don’t compromise on safety.

Don’t do things that are risky because you believe you can’t enjoy your Christmas without doing them. Perhaps, what’s worst than sickness is to be sick during festivities when others are enjoying the holidays.

Stay safe and inspire the same in your family.



In conclusion, remember to spread some love and be happy too. Yes, the year might have been challenging. But you are alive, that’s worth celebrating and being thankful to God.