We all want to be with the person who is right for us. Nobody wants to be stuck in a relationship with the wrong person for them.

But we all know that it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes, you might think you are made for each other even when some might think there are obvious signs you are not right for each other.

And sometimes, others might just be wrong and you may have found the one for you.

That’s why you need another set of eyes to help you see if indeed there are signs you are not right for each other.

That said, let’s get to it. What are the clear signs you are just meant to be together?


  1. Constant and Irreconcilable Misunderstanding

Have you ever had this friend that understands you perfectly? You both have little or no misunderstanding, you finish each other’s sentences and have a lot of things in common, and as such, you enjoy each other’s company perfectly.

Well, this should be – or even more – what your relationship should look like with your lover but when you are not both right for each other, try as you may, you’ll both not understand each other.

You can express your concerns and be willing to hear your partner’s but at the end of the day, nothing gets done, nothing changes.

Now, misunderstandings are common in relationships because you are dealing with someone from a completely different background.

You and your partner don’t necessarily have to be the same but you should have similar or the same core values; that is, values you both hold dear.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Trust me, you will keep fighting in that instance because you will never agree except one person loses touch with themselves and completely let themselves go for the relationship.

And although that looks self-sacrificing and whatnot, it’s not right that you have to lose yourself to make a relationship work.

When someone is right for you, it will flow naturally.


  1. Unavailability

Someone who is not right for you will not have time for you. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is long-distance or not.

They will always have excuses like work and other commitments when it simply means that they don’t consider you a priority.

And you shouldn’t be in a relationship where you are not considered a priority.


  1. You Feel Burdened

If you find yourself carrying the weight of responsibility alone in your relationship, then most likely, the person is not suitable for you.

I mean, you may have more, for instance, you make more money, so sure, your contribution to the relationship will be more than that of your partner.

But out of their little, are they willing to give as well?

Or maybe you are not the giver; you should change your ways if that relationship is important to you.

Love gives.

A relationship is meant to be ‘Give and Take’.

It is meant to be a partnership and should not be parasitic in nature.

So, if one party just feeds off the other without giving anything back, then it’s time to pay attention.


  1. Unstable

A healthy relationship consists of two people who are sure they want to be together. Nobody wants or should be with someone who is here today and there tomorrow.

If either of you is not sure you want to be with the other based on your instability, it is one of the biggest signs you are not right for each other.

Maybe, some other time, when you have both done some growing or settled things in your life and are more stable, you can come back together,

After all, we have seen couples who weren’t great for each other initially but found their way back to each other later in life.

So, that could be your case. Although you shouldn’t put your life on hold waiting for that to happen, let it happen naturally if it would.




signs you are not right for each other



  1. You Are Expected to Sacrifice All

Sacrifices are good.

In fact, it is needed for a relationship to work but the question is, what are you sacrificing?

If the relationship needs you to sacrifice your family, friends, loved ones, your dreams, life goals, core values that make you who you are, then it is a huge red flag.

You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice so much of your life as you know it before going into a relationship.

That’s unhealthy for any relationship.




  1. Commitment-Phobic

Everyone wants an assurance of some sort from their lover; an assurance that reflects their level of commitment to the relationship.

That is why titles such as “boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, fiancé, etc” are still very important to this day.

People want to know where they stand in their partner’s life.

So, if you or your partner are finding it hard to make that bold declaration, it might be a huge sign that you are not ready to commit to the other and you should let the other person go.


  1. Wrong Conflict Resolution

Disagreement is a given in all relationships.

So, that’s to be expected but the point is how those involved react or handle such situations.

If you are in a relationship with someone who finds it really hard to own up to their faults, apologise and mean it, or someone who is not ready to compromise and work things out, then you need to know that you are not both right for each other.

Such a relationship will only drain you and leave you exhausted. You should free yourself from that bondage

On the other hand, if you are the one who finds it hard to resolve conflicts healthily, you should let the person go if you find you are unwilling to change.


  1. Walking On Eggshells

Like I said earlier, if you are right for each other, your relationship will flow naturally. One of the signs you have found the one for you is that you will be able to be yourself around each other without fear or shame.

It is unnatural to walk on eggshells around the one you are supposed to be loving. That’s a terrible way to live life.

So, if either of you is always having to think over what you want to say for fear of triggering them or when you find yourself worrying over how your partner will react or when you feel judged, criticized or insecure, then there is something wrong.

When you are in love with the right person, you can always be yourself around them.




  1. Not Ready to Compromise

I already mentioned that making sacrifices is great and even expected in a healthy relationship.

So while none of you should lose yourself in the relationship and that won’t be necessary if you meet someone who shares the same core values as you, it is important that you also learn to compromise where necessary.

If there is no bending or flexibility from both ends or one person is doing all the compromising, it is a huge red flag.

Relationships work best when both partners are equally being seen and heard and not when one is relegated to the background.




  1. Stunted Personal Growth

When you meet the right person for you, both of you should record relative growth on both ends.

The right people in your life will make your life better, not worse or unprogressive. And they don’t have to even do it directly if they are not directly connected to your growth.

They just have to be there, being your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you to pursue your dreams and supporting you when needed.

When you are around someone like that, you will definitely experience growth in your life.

But if either of your lives is going otherwise, it is one of the signs you are not right for each other.



Let me conclude by saying that seeing one of these signs doesn’t automatically mean your partner is not right for you or a sign that you are not meant to be together, it could simply mean it is time to have a sit-down and have an honest discussion with each other. And maybe, you will find out what’s wrong and fix the relationship. But if you find more or all of these signs, it could be that it is time to let the relationship go.