There’s something inspiring about a woman who has it all together. She looks good, knows what she is talking about and is kind.

No wonder she inspires the question, “What are the qualities of an attractive woman?”

You may say it should be obvious, but these traits are not always tangible. So, while you cannot put your finger on why she is so alluring, you know there’s something different about her.

If you can relate to this and wonder how to be a more attractive woman, you’re in the right place. I have helped you decipher that mystery in this list of 12 signs of an attractive woman.


12 Qualities of an Attractive Woman

Standing out from other women is far beyond how much money you have, these qualities of a good woman are more personality-based. But the good news is that you can cultivate these 12 attractive qualities in women.

1. Integrity

Integrity is a fantastic trait that is unfortunately becoming lost in recent times. Having this quality doesn’t just make you an attractive woman; it also makes you an attractive person.

People with integrity say what they mean and mean what they say; they are not wishy-washy. They are very principled people whose words you can rely on because they stand by them.

A woman of integrity keeps her word, can be trusted to be dependable and is not tossed in different ways by whoever has the bigger pocket.

2. Confidence

Confidence calls to people because it shows security in one’s identity and values. The thing about confidence is that it gives people the courage to trust you because you trust yourself.

When you come across as being unsure of who you are, you lose people because if you can’t convince yourself about your stuff, how do you want others to believe in it?

A confident woman may not be the most intelligent woman in the room, but she is comfortable in her skin and doesn’t feel the need to compete with others.

In fact, she’d help other women adjust their crowns if they’re falling off, as she doesn’t see the need to put anyone down.

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3. Intelligence

Intelligent women know their stuff and can convince you about it.

More often than not, they read a lot, so they are knowledgeable. They are the people who can say something about a wide range of topics. Some got it from books, but others got it from being good listeners.

So, it calls to reason they are not talkative; they know when to restrain their tongue and listen. For that reason, they learn a lot, adding to their knowledge bank.

4. Loyalty

Disloyal people are for everybody and for nobody. That means they claim to be loyal to all, but they are actually only loyal to themselves.

A woman shines when she has her tribe that she is not only ferociously protective of but also loyal to. Her friends and family can attest that they know she has their back.

On the other hand, in her professional life, she also shows the required loyalty and is seen as dependable.

5. Kindness

There is nothing attractive about an unkind woman. An alluring woman speaks to people politely and honours all humans – no matter their gender, status, or class.

If you wonder why a woman shines, it is because she is polite, kind, and approachable. Even when she disagrees, she is not disagreeable. She is respectful of all and so gets respect as well.

12 qualities of an attractive woman

6. Humour

Life is already too difficult to be a Grinch. That’s why there is nothing attractive about a woman who takes everything too seriously.

A woman should be able to laugh at herself, laugh with others and lighten up tense situations.

Of course, you should know when making light of a situation is insensitive. But generally, a woman with a sense of humour is alluring.

7. Independent

Traditionally, women have been taught not to do too much and to wait to be cared for by a man.

Although things have changed a lot since the former century, there are still women who are comfortable being kept women.

But a woman who can take care of herself, pay her bills, and contribute financially to the home when she is married is very attractive.

Now, this is not to say your man should not or cannot do anything for you financially, but that you are not totally dependent on him and can achieve nothing without him.

8. Honest

Honesty is becoming increasingly rare, and that’s why when people see it, they are drawn to such a person.

Being honest takes courage because sometimes dishonesty is the easier way out. So, when you decide to always be honest, no matter the circumstance, you stand out from the crowd and look different.

9. Genuine

Although this is somewhat related to honesty, it is more about authenticity; being your true self.

Social media, especially, has eroded the authenticity of many people. Now, people want to project a different image from who they actually are.

That is why a genuine woman who is not afraid to be who she is attractive.

10. Friendly

Some people think the more approachable you are, the more disrespect you get. Actually, it is more alluring to be friendly and still command respect.

These two are not mutually exclusive. You just need to learn the fine art of balancing giving and receiving respect while not excluding yourself from people.

No man was created to be alone. So, it is attractive to smile at people and give them room to approach you as necessary.

11. Expressive

An attractive woman knows how to express herself; she is not one to let herself be misinterpreted or wait for her mind to be read.

She understands the need to communicate her feelings and does it wholesomely.

She is also emotionally intelligent and knows when to restrain her words when necessary.  

12. Good Dress Sense

Finally, you can never go wrong with a good dress sense.

Before thinking about how much you are worth and how that can factor into your dress sense, remember that you don’t need to break the bank to look good.

You just need to be tidy, wear what fits and be a little creative.

You may have heard that you are addressed by how you are dressed; it’s true. If you want to be respected, you should dress to be respected.

Of course, we should respect people irrespective of how they dress. But the world is not ideal. Besides that, dressing well makes you feel good and increases your confidence.

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The difference between the woman you admire and you may simply be that she is making more effort to cultivate the right attitudes.

If you can do the same, you’ll quickly notice that more people will consider you alluring.