A healthy relationship requires sacrifice. In fact, one of the red flags one should watch out for in a relationship is someone who isn’t ready to make sacrifices or compromises in the relationship. However, there are also certain things you should not sacrifice in a relationship, no matter what. If you do, you will be losing yourself and not be able to give your best self for the relationship.


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Your Mental Health/Wellness

Your mental health is very important and is responsible for how you feel, behave and act towards others, therefore, it should not be sacrificed. In essence, any relationship that gives stresses and drains you emotionally should be avoided and gotten out of, even if it is platonic.


Your Personality

Your personality is one of the things you should not sacrifice in a relationship. There should be no reason to change who you are, your very essence, what makes you the unique person you are for anyone. Your partner must be able to love you for who you are and all the quirks that come with your personality.


Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends have been in your life forever or for a long time and they have loved and cared for you over that amount of time. It goes without saying that anybody who wants them out of your life doesn’t want the best for you. If they are right for you, they will love your loved ones and encourage you to keep nurturing the relationships, even with the somewhat difficult ones.


Your Dreams/Goals/Career

Your dreams and goals in life are valid and should be pursued with all passion. You don’t want a situation where you will be filled with regrets. Therefore, your partner must be someone who helps you realize such dreams, supports you in all ways and will not demean your dreams or ask that you put them aside.


things you should not sacrifice in a relationship


Your Core Values

We are mostly guided by our core values and beliefs. Of course, we have to unlearn and relearn some things. But you should also know certain things that matter to you and keep you happy; don’t settle for less than those in a partner. Instead of sacrifices, for instance, your desire to have children or not to have them, find someone who shares the same/similar values.


Your Hobbies and Interests

Everyone has those things that they love doing from time to time, things that they fill their leisure time with; skills or actions they are interested in and so on. Therefore, your relationship should not be a demanding one that it will leave little or no time for you to indulge in things that you love doing, neither should your partner make you feel bad or little about your hobbies.


Your Self-esteem

The way you see yourself, your identity, the things that make you who you are should not be compromised for any relationship. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you forget or intentionally put aside who you are, feel bad about yourself, feel little or diminished or where your flaws are constantly brought to the limelight. Your loved one should respect, appreciate, love, admire, and support you as well as make you feel good about yourself.


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Your Independence

Every human is capable of making logical decisions for themselves and this should not be taken away from you for any reason. Even though you might make mistakes but you will learn from them. True, relationships sometimes require taking decisions together and putting the other person into consideration but it doesn’t remove the place of independence; you should be able to do things outside your relationship, do things for yourself and make informed decisions as an individual. You shouldn’t be in a situation where you are TOTALLY dependent on your partner and do not have a life outside of them.


Your Happiness

What is the point of being in a relationship when you are unhappy? I do agree that nobody can make you happy if you have not found happiness by yourself. However, there is also a place for your partner to care about your happiness. You shouldn’t be in a relationship where that is not found. Don’t compromise your happiness for anything or anybody.



The joy of being in a relationship is if we are in a relationship where we feel wholesome and happy. The things you should not sacrifice in a relationship are what will make you feel whole in life and a relationship. If you are asked or required to sacrifice any of the above in a relationship, that is a wrong situation to be in. Avoid it at all costs.