I am a strong woman!

I consider myself a strong woman and I am not afraid to say that anywhere, especially because I can see how the world is afraid of a strong woman and therefore, want to demonise the term.

But what does not sit well with me is many women who try to prove society right that a strong woman is a menace that society needs to contain.

I believe that sometimes, society sees a woman who speaks her mind as rude and controlling because those are not signs they naturally would associate with women.

However, I have also seen a lot of cases where women who are downright rude, disrespectful and ill-mannered hide under the umbrella of being strong women.

I figured that it is necessary to write on the qualities and traits of a strong woman so there is no misconception.

So, what are the signs you are a strong woman?


1. You Are Independent

One of the major signs of strength in a woman is that you are independent.

It is impossible to be a strong woman and you are comfortable being dependent on anybody. The one who owns the piper determines the tune and we all know there is nothing free in this world.

If you depend on them – whether they admit it openly or not – they own you. And that is something a strong woman is never comfortable with.

Now, I believe that no “man” is an island and we all need each other. So, it is different when there is a symbiotic relationship going on where you benefit from each other.

But beyond that, a strong woman will not be comfortable being at the mercy of somebody else.


2. You Are Confident

Let’s cut to the chase; confidence is always attractive, in both men and women. People are naturally more attracted to confident people even if they themselves are not confident.

But for a strong woman, confidence is like a second skin.

Like we say in our local parlance, “confidence is them, they are confidence.” It simply tries to emphasise how confident they are.

A strong woman is very comfortable in her own skin and who she is as a person. She has healthy self-esteem.

Although she knows she is not perfect and is constantly striving towards perfection, she is working on being a better version of herself and nobody else.

She is not in competition with others but with herself.


3. You Are Kind

Just like I mentioned earlier, this is one of the greatest misconceptions about what it means to be a strong woman.

Many believe it is okay to be unkind and insensitive to others. But one of the signs you are a strong woman is that you are actually kind and emotionally sensitive.

People who feel the need to break others down and make them feel terrible are usually insecure people who are projecting their insecurity on others.

Strong women are secure women; they don’t need to bring anybody down to shine; they just shine.

Plus, they understand treating people kindly and being compassionate.


4. You Are Straight-Forward

Society is not comfortable with a woman who has opinions and is not afraid to voice it out and so, they are constantly trying to shut her down.

A strong woman cannot be shut down. She is a principled and opinionated woman and those around her never have to guess what her opinion is.

She is apologetic about her beliefs and she is straightforward about it.


signs you are strong woman


5. You Are Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, acknowledge and control one’s emotions and that of others.

For instance, society makes it seem like crying is a sign of weakness but one of the signs you are a strong woman is that you are not afraid to cry when situations warrant it and you can also pick yourself up and take charge when it is necessary.

A strong woman also acknowledges other people’s emotions to manage interpersonal relationships.


6. You Have Ambition

A strong woman is an ambitious woman. She is not one who is comfortable not achieving anything in her life.

What we regard as achievement may differ from person to person. But whatever it is you consider success and achievement, you see that you achieve it.


7. You Ooze Positivity

One of the signs you are a strong woman is that you are always positive.

When people come around you feeling downcast, they leave you feeling invigorated because you would have inspired them with your positivity.

Yes, you acknowledge that life is not a bed of roses but you do not allow that to put you down.


8. You Respect Yourself And Others

A strong woman is not a pushover, she doesn’t allow herself to be treated like a doormat. She stands up for herself.

However, she doesn’t need to put others down in order to do that. She extends the same respect to others.

She also takes it further by not treating people the way they deserve to be treated if they treat her badly; she doesn’t let the actions of others determine or change who she is.


9. You Love Yourself And Others

If you are a strong woman, you definitely love yourself and others. You do not think you are a lesser person because you might not possess certain things and you also do not treat others like you are superior to them.

Humility is a language strong women speak well because they are secure in who they are; they don’t need to push it.


10. You Work Hard And Play Hard

One of the signs you are a strong woman is that you don’t slack at work.

You are dedicated and put your all into your work.

However, you also play hard. You don’t make all your life about work; you take time to rest, have fun with family, friends and loved ones.

You have a huge sense of humour and are not afraid to laugh.


If you can relate to most – if not all – these qualities, you are definitely a strong woman.