Some people call it being a hermit, but for homebodies, that’s what life is about: staying indoors and not seeing the sun.

However, being a homebody can really hamper your desire to spice up your marriage. The monotony of it can begin to weigh down on you and your marriage after some time. 

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But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; you can plan a date night at home with these date night ideas for homebodies.

Here are fun and unique date ideas for homebodies.


20 Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

I’m pretty sure that just because you want to date in the house doesn’t mean you want it to be boring. So, this list compromises different ideas that you and your partner are sure to enjoy, whether they are introverted or not.

A couple enjoying a relaxing date on a couch at home - indoor date for introverts

Romantic Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

1. Indoor Date Night

It’s okay if you don’t want to go out for a romantic dinner; you can always bring the dinner date home. All you need to do is set the right mood.

Use your dining table, or if you have a romantic table corner, that would serve as well. You can even take it up a notch by taking it to the porch or balcony if you have a beautiful view to complement the night.

Set the table with the right food, drinks and beautiful candles. You may cook or order the food, whatever works best for your schedule.

Also, remember to dress for the occasion. It might be at home, but it’s still a dinner date, so go all out for your partner.

2. Create a Memories Photo Album

Gather pictures you have together wherever they are scattered on your phones, computers or social media and create a photo album.

Most people don’t do physical photo albums anymore, but if that’s more your style, you can go for it. 

However, you can also decide to create photo albums online that you can look back on periodically.

The beauty of this is that you can talk about the memories—where you were when you took each picture and how you felt at that time.

It’s a good way to reminisce and consider how far you’ve come as a couple.

3. Cozy Up and Talk

Sometimes, you don’t have to do much, but cozy up and talk. Put the children to sleep and then stay together in the living room or bedroom, cuddling up and talking about your day and other trivial things.

You don’t have to say anything heavy. Just enjoying each other’s company and making each other laugh would suffice.

4. Breakfast in Bed

Another great date idea for introverts is breakfast in bed. Not only is it romantic, it’s cute. It’s a perfect way to wake your partner up and make them set for the day.

5. Spa Date

There are two ways to go about it. You can bring the spa to you by hiring a masseuse to give you both spa treatments. Or, you could create a spa at home. What you basically need are massage oil, scented candles and bath balms.

If you choose the former, you just need to prepare yourself, and an experienced masseuse will put you through.

For the latter, set your home in order by getting a flat surface to lie on, lighting candles and turning off the light. Then, take turns giving each other massages. It doesn’t matter if you are not experts; the idea is the memory created, not how perfect it is.

After that, you can take a relaxing bath with a drink while enjoying the soothing atmosphere.

Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

Fun Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

6. Game Night

Choose a game you both enjoy and get the friendly competition going. You could even make it more interesting by adding bets. Make sure to keep the bets light though; we don’t want to ruin the fun you should be having.

For instance, the bet could be that the loser will wash the dishes, fold the laundry, or prepare dinner.

7. Netflix Night

Although “Netflix” seems to be the default name for streaming sites, you don’t have to use Netflix. You can use any of the available streaming platforms.

It could even be YouTube. The idea is to watch some movies while snuggling up under blankets.

8. Indoor Karaoke Night

Have a karaoke night without the consciousness of singing in public. Your ability to hold a tone can impress one another, or you can laugh at your tone-deafness.

Either way, singing together is a lot of fun.

9. Dance Challenge

Similar to the above, you can hold a dance competition. Play some music and dance your hearts away.

Again, expertise is not the goal but fun, so enjoy yourself.

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10. Cook-a-thon

A cook-a-thon is basically cooking for long hours, made popular by the Guinness World Record. While you don’t have to cook for long hours, as you are not competing for a GWR, you can cook together or individually in the same kitchen while talking and having fun.

You could choose your favourite dish to cook or make each other’s favourite dish and then rate each other at the end.  

A couple reading a book at home

Unique Date Night Ideas for Homebodies

11. Online Painting Classes

You can order painting materials and take a painting class by following any of the numerous painting tutorials online. There are tons of them on YouTube.

Make sure to have snacks and drinks available to munch on after using up your creative juices.

12. Treasure Hunt

You can make your home a treasure house and reenact a treasure hunt. All you need to do is scatter clues on pieces of paper around the house that will lead to the reward you seek.

13. Plan a Vacation

This might be a good opportunity to plan the vacation you’ve never gotten around to planning.

Set the date and the events you would like to participate in, find possible hotels and do some research on what you will need for a successful vacation to said country or city.

You’ll be killing two birds with a stone with this idea: spending time with your spouse and planning your next getaway.

14. DIY Project

You could always attempt a DIY project together. Of course, this is not for highly technical projects. But other smaller ones like painting or redecorating can be a great way to bond with your partner as an introvert.

15. Read a Book Together

If you are both bookworms, this is a go-to date idea for homebodies. Get your favourite book or one off your book list and take turns reading it out loud to each other.

You can even make it more interesting by discussing each chapter as you go.

A couple enjoying a date with coffee and pasta

First Date Ideas for Homebodies

Although this list is more tailored towards married couples, some of them might be perfect for people in relationships as well. 

Therefore, you can try any of these first date ideas for homebodies. They are fun and will help you overcome the nervousness that accompanies first dates. 

I’d like to add here that you should be careful about going on first dates in people’s homes if you met them online, it’s a blind date, or you don’t know them that well. 

So, I wrote the following list more for people who have known said person for a while before they considered dating and who prefer the comfort of a home. 

If that’s you, keep reading.

16. Paint and Sip

This is quite similar to the painting idea above, but considering it is a first-date idea, it doesn’t have to be as intimate as the former.

You would still need to order materials for you and your date and attempt to follow an online instructor.

If you feel generous and want to make your date more comfortable, you can hire a painter to instruct you for the day.

17. Movie Night

You could watch a movie together, especially if you both enjoy movies and have mentioned a particular one you haven’t gotten around to watching.

Again, try not to make it too cozy. Get them an independent seat and lead them to it. If they want a more intimate setting, they can decide for themselves.

18. Cook for Them

Cooking is a great way to deal with the awkwardness of a first date. But it is more advisable to cook for them while they watch.

However, if they offer to help, let them. It should make it more fun.

19. Indoor Dinner Date

You could also organize an indoor date night. This might work better with a nice patio or balcony with a nice view.

Order or cook a meal, then set the table with a nice tablecloth, drink, and candles.

It’s a nice way to enjoy a private dinner and get to know your date.

20. Indoor Picnic

Like a dinner date, you can plan an indoor picnic with snacks and other picnic-friendly dishes. It could be held in your living room or backyard if you have the space. 

Make sure the setting is comfortable and not too intimate. For instance, get them their own blanket.