Parenthood is beautiful. But it also comes with a lot of stress.

Many couples settle into that parenting role and forget themselves and their spouse. But the problem with that is that their marriage suffers and they might end up becoming roommates who share kids.

It is very important to continue investing time and effort to spice up your marriage.

I think we can all agree that it is, however, easier said than done. Fortunately, it is not impossible.

While you might not be able to enjoy the spontaneity and impulsiveness of singlehood, there are dating ideas for couples with children that could help spice up your relationship.

What are some dating ideas for couples with children?


Have A “Daytime” Date Night: A “daytime” date night is one of the go-to dating ideas for couples with children because the children will likely be in school.

If you are both employed workers and your workplace is close to each other, you can decide to do lunch together.

If not, you can take the day off. It is one of the sacrifices you make for your marriage.

And it makes everything easy because you don’t have to worry about paying for babysitting or wondering who will babysit your children.


Have A Staycation: Some parents might not feel comfortable going on a vacation without their children, especially if they have no family or sitter they trust.

And really, that is quite understandable considering so many factors.

That is why a staycation is a good idea. It is simply vacation in a hotel or resort in your city and it can be for a day.

You can decide to use the opportunity of a play date, sleepover or even get a sitter to have a couples’ night out where you and your spouse spend some romantic time alone.


Double Date: This is a lot easier if you are friends with your child(ren)’s friends’ parents or if y’all are already family friends and the children know each other.

Both couples can pull resources together for a sitter so the children can have a play date and the adults can have their fun.

Double dates are always fun when they are with couples you have things in common with. Seeing other couples and rubbing minds together can inspire you to invest more in your marriage.


Have A Picnic At Your Backyard: Take advantage of your backyard to have a picnic at night after the children have gone to bed.

Weekends are great for this because you might be able to afford to stay up a lot longer. Lay a blanket, communicate and gaze at the stars together.

Trust me; it does wonders to your relationship.


Take Walks Together: You can just stroll around your neighbourhood and even beyond – if you have luxury of time – in the evenings or at night.

You can get a sitter for the hours you will be away and just enjoy the coolness of the night, enjoying each other and getting some exercise in.


Go See A Movie: Going to the cinemas is one of the easiest dates to plan. If you are both movie lovers, then this is something that will interest you both.

Get a sitter for the kids and go enjoy your favourite movies. If there is a kids-friendly film showing, you can also take them along and get them to watch theirs, especially if they are a little older and have reached the age where they are not totally dependent.


Try Out Something Of Interest: So as to avoid monotony, you can make a list of your hobbies and interests, as well as things you both would like to try.

And you can do things on the list one after the other as much as your resources permit.


Stay In: You can do this in two ways; either a simple picnic on the floor of your bedroom or living room, stuffing yourself with calories or you can stage a huge full-course romantic dinner.

The former is obviously easier to arrange but don’t underestimate the power of the latter – at least, once in a while.

You can go all out, get candles or flowers, set the table, get the food and treat your spouse to a great date.


Netflix And Chill: Netflix and chill will always come in handy for parents.

Put the children to bed and settle to a beautiful night of Netflix and chill, especially during the weekends.


Go To The Park: Going to the park is a very great idea because you can bring your kids along and let them play while you both enjoy the day, resting and talking.

Most children are very restless and the park will give them the opportunity to use their excess energy and give you the peace of mind that you would likely not have if they were doing it at home.

You are likely to be worried about them turning the house upside down or breaking something if they have to play at home.

But in the park, you are more inclined to relax and enjoy each other while your children also have their fun.


dating ideas for couples with children