Relationships can, sometimes, be really tricky, even though I believe it should be easier than we make it.

Ideally, it should be but we have to be realistic; it is a jungle out there. And that is what smart women have realised.

That is why there are things smart women do differently in a relationship. If you want to win in love as a woman, you have to acquaint yourself with the habits of smart women in their relationship.

What are the things smart women do differently in a relationship?


  1. They Are Independent

Let us be frank, nobody wants a liability and even if a man is rich enough to take care of both of you without stress, you are likely to only get respect if you are bringing something to the table.

But it is not simply about money, you have to add value as well. Affections and feelings are great but there is so much more to a relationship than that.

A relationship where value is added from both parties to each other has more potential to last longer.

This can only be possible if a woman is independent and doesn’t need the man to exist. On her own, she is a force and when the two come together, you can imagine the explosion.


  1. They Recognise Their Worth

There are a lot of women who enter into relationships because they feel the relationship will complete them. These women will always base their worth on the relationship.

Smart women recognise their worth; they know what they are about and they know that while they are lucky to have him, he is also lucky to have them.

So, men respect them and don’t treat them like doormats.


  1. They Don’t Fight Other Women

Many women make the mistake of fighting other women that they think are threats to their relationship.

It could be that indeed, their man is cheating on them or it could be that they are just insecure and see every woman beside their man as a threat.

Smart women, however, do not play like that. In the first place, they are not insecure.

But if their man is indeed unfaithful, they address the issue with their man and not the other woman.

They know that the loyalty that they demand is from their man and not from random women. And if there is no change, smart women don’t remain in a relationship where they are constantly being cheated on.


things smart women do differently in a relationship


  1. They Maintain Their Friendship

It is very easy for many people to forget beautiful friendships because they are now in a relationship.

While your relationship should be a priority, you should always make room for other meaningful and beautiful relationships.

You should always make room for family and long time friends.

This is something smart women have been able to understand, so they can achieve balance in all their relationships.


  1. They Have Deal Breakers

Smart women are not in a relationship where everything goes. Their partner knows that they have deal-breakers and are serious about them.

While deal breakers differ from person to person, they are important to set in every relationship.

Smart women will be ready to forgive – if there is a sign of remorse – but they will not stay in a relationship where their partner is constantly hurting them.


  1. They Determine the Course of the Relationship

Smart women know what they want in a man, what they want in a relationship and the kind of marriage they want.

In fact, they know the course of their ideal relationship and they determine it. They are not laidback waiting for the man to determine things.

They are decisive and they take action.


  1. They Don’t Lose Themselves to the Relationship

Some women lose themselves in their relationship because they have been taught that this is what their life is all about.

They lose their identity, dreams, goals, and purpose because they are in a relationship.

You need to be living and not just existing and just being a man’s woman is not enough to actually live.

You need to be fulfilling purpose to be completely fulfilled in life; you cannot afford to not have a life outside of your relationship.

One of the things smart women do differently in a relationship is to have a life and respect their partner’s need to also have a life outside of the relationship.