Intelligence will never go out of date; it is a trait that we always admire in people or feel proud of if we possess it ourselves.

There is something particularly intriguing about intelligent women and I don’t know about you, but it is something I definitely want to be associated with.

Thankfully, one can cultivate the habits of intelligent women and it is important to, especially, if we want to see results in our life.

This 2024, as you are making resolutions and setting goals to achieve, one of your goals as a woman should definitely be cultivating the habits of intelligent women.

So, what are the habits of intelligent women to cultivate this 2024?


  1. They Read

It goes without saying that if you want to be an intelligent woman; you have to imbibe a reading culture.

Reading is the cure for ignorance; it gives us a wider view and perspective of life.

Reading makes us more knowledgeable and no knowledge is wasted. Experts always say you don’t have to be an expert on everything but make sure you know a little about everything.

This is why readers are said to be leaders; because they are intentional about being knowledgeable.

Most people think they do not have to read because they don’t enjoy reading but the reading habit can be cultivated.

You just have to be interested; especially if you want to be intelligent.


  1. They Stay Positive

Intelligent women understand the place of positivity in their life.

Life will always throw us its own curveballs and so, sometimes, we experience things that are not pretty.

However, we cannot afford to lose faith or hope and they have understood that. They remain hopeful and positive even when the situations don’t seem to warrant it.

They know that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. So they keep their thoughts positive and attract positivity.


  1. They Are Comfortable Being Alone

Intelligent women don’t feel the need to be around people all the time. They appreciate the company of other people and even learn from them.

But they also take the time to be alone to meditate, think, and be self-aware.


  1. They Take Networking Seriously

The importance of networking and having meaningful relationships can never be overemphasised.

Nobody can exist as an island; we all need somebody and the people who understand this, are likely to go farther in life.

Sometimes, it is not so much a question of talent and skill but the people you know and the people who know about you.

This is why they take the time to network, to sell themselves and also learn from others.


  1. They Have Mastered Time Management

We all have the same 24 hours but the difference is in the way we use our time. We can decide to use it on unproductive things or be productive.

Intelligent women spend their time well. They do not make their life all about work or spend all their time working.

No, they actually set time apart to sleep, rest, play, spend time with friends and family and also work.

You might wonder how they find time to do all these; they simply make sure they plan their time properly and follow it.


  1. They Are Financially Principled

They are financially savvy and hardly go broke because they spend their money smartly. They don’t spend on every luxury that they want and they make sure to save more than they spend.

Intelligent women plan their money by budgeting and they make sure to stick to their budget.

Apart from saving, they also invest wisely because they understand that having wealth depends on investments and not just saving.


  1. They Practice Digital Detox

Social media has become really addictive and most of us have been caught in the web of social media craze.

We cannot deny that social media has its advantages and it is not about staying completely away. However, it is important to be disciplined when it comes to its use so we don’t get consumed by it all.

Social media shouldn’t rule us, we should rule it.

This is why intelligent women practice digital detox from time to time. They stay away from social media to enjoy real life, have real conversations, read, and do something productive with their time.


  1. They Live Healthily

Intelligent women make sure to stay healthy. They want to live long and they want to live hale and hearty, so they invest in it.

They watch what they eat; spend time exercising regularly and stay hydrated.


Being an intelligent woman is not impossible; you only have to be ready to put in the work.

If it is your goal this year 2024 to be an intelligent woman, all you have to do it cultivate the right attitude.

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