Our love story - Teekay

After I moved into the hostel in UI, the next thing was for me to find a fellowship or church to attend. But because laziness is my trademark, I decided fellowship would be better since it is inside the school and I might not need to go too far to worship.

We were added to a WhatsApp group, so I asked about a Redeem fellowship in the group and someone immediately replied me, asking me if I attended RCF in my undergraduate, I said no and she didn’t reply me.

I was still amazed at the silliness when Kenny sent me a private message. She asked for my room number and came to see me to tell me about the fellowship.

I remember I asked her of the venue lol – I am lazy, I already confessed it. But I feel like, even if it was not as close as it turned out to be, she would have convinced me to attend and I most likely would have stayed.

I met a lot of great people in RCPGF because Kenny decided to attend a hand to me.

Since then, I couldn’t help but admire how sweet she is, people who are not simply Christians by name but show it in their acts of love towards you.

I remember the day she brought me sweet potatoes and this delicious spicy stew when I was sick and it felt like she saved my life that day.

I told her one day that she was going to marry a pastor and she laughed and told me many people say the same. I wouldn’t be surprised, I thought then, because Kenny really is the epitome of Iya Yard. She is sweet, simple, gentle, very nurturing and motherly, a prayer warrior – what more do we need from a Pastor (Mrs)?

She was already living the life even before she met the brother who now happens to be in ministry? I am happy I met her, one of the people who inspire me to live the life and not just speak the life of Christ.

That is why I am honoured to celebrate her love story.

I don’t know her fiancé but I saw how she glows since she started the relationship and that is enough for me.

Only two things are important to us when one of our people get in a relationship

Does the person love Jesus? Are you happy? The answer to both questions, in her case, is in the affirmative and that’s all we need.

I am really happy for you. I see how happy you are, I honestly did notice the glow and I think anybody who knows you prior to that would see it.

I wish you and your fiancé a blessed, fruitful, inspiring, union useful to God to reconcile men unto Himself.

Read their love story below.



Our love story - Teekay

KENNY: In March 2017, I went for a prayer programme tagged ’12 Hours Speaking In Tongues” with Pastor Daniel Olawande (P. DANIEL) at RCCG, Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun State.

After the programme, I decided to stay back because it was a Relationship Sunday and I was fascinated by the theme of the Sunday ‘THE CRUSH, THE CRUSHED AND THOSE ON CRUSHES”.

It was an exciting service. Then P.Daniel asked those that have experience on crushes to share. I got up, shared mine and that was all.

Unknown to me, my husband to be is P.Daniel’s best friend and he was seated in that service too listening to me and he was captivated by my demeanour already and took notice of me and said in His heart this is it.

Fast forward to Wednesday, 17th May 2017 at about 8:36 am, that’s two months after he sighted me in Church. He slid into my DM that beautiful morning and struck an unending conversation with me till eternity.

Our love story - Teekay

TEMITOPE: My meeting with Kenny is a product of mercy because I met her where and when I least expected it. I have prayed severally but the month I decided to change my prayer point and start asking God for mercy Kenny showed up. God brought her my way.

I saw her at my Best Friend P. Daniel church and was immediately captivated by her and I knew she was the one for me. Instantly, I took her name and started my background checks on her. And today I am graciously walking my MO RI ANU GBA down the aisle.

After months of friendship in September 2017, we officially started our relationship.

By November 2017, a private proposal with a few friends was done at Fingerlickings Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos where my beloved said a big YES to me.

Fast forward to May 29, 2018, we took the first step to forever.



Our love story - Teekay

KENNY: Right from the first time we struck a conversation, there was a knowing in my spirit that he is the one. I have been praying for him all my life and I told God once he comes around, let me know he is the one. And God answered that prayer.

Also, in knowing he was the one I did not stop at the first knowing in my spirit. I asked God for confirmations and he confirmed it.

He confirmed it through a sister (Mrs. Grace Faleye) who called me on a certain day and said that which is in your hands, don’t drop it, hold fast to it. Prior to this, I never discussed any marital issues with her.

After that confirmation, God reconfirmed we started our relationship.

TEMITOPE: From the first day Kenny caught my attention, I knew she was the one. On sighting her, I knew I have prayed through and she was the confirmation. She met all the criteria I wanted in my woman.

Our love story - Teekay


TEEKAY: There is no relationship without its own challenges. Ours was not void of that.

We had the challenge of distance. We only got to see once a month during the RCCG Monthly Holy Ghost Service. It could be devastating but we kept communication lines open.

Conflicts have occurred that should have raised the bars of the relationship and declare her doors shut but God kept intervening because each time we have issues, we tell each other “I did not bring myself to you, you did not bring yourself to me, God brought us to each other” and then and then we know what to do and the conflict is resolved.

Challenges have been resolved by apologizing, taking note of what caused the issue and not repeating it then moving on.



TEMITOPE: MORIANUGBA, as I sometimes call her because I earned her by mercy, is a rare breed. She is one of a kind. She has proved that severally. She is just my ideal woman. Kenny completes me and I can say without any iota of doubt that she is my missing rib. My ONE AND ONLY, I LOVE YOU, BABY.

KENNY: I lose words to describe him but Temitope is that One special gift God brought my way.



TEEKAY: TEEKAY is God’s bill and he has promised to handle the bill.

Our hope is that God would build this home, preserve it and use it as a tool for fulfilling the kingdom mandate.

Our hope is that we live in peace and harmony, be a blessing to our generation and that our marriage would be an asset to the Kingdom Of God and a disaster to the Kingdom of hell.

Our love story - Teekay




“Love happens anywhere, anytime, it depends on the conditioning of your mind.” – TEEKAY