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How do you keep a man? That is a popular question women ask. I wonder why we do but we do. And for many years, I have heard and read different answers. “Do this and your man will stay with… Continue Reading →

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day is upon us again and lovers are getting prepped to treat each other to a beautiful day. Couples in long-distance relationships may be feeling left out because they don’t live in the same city with their partner. If… Continue Reading →

How to Know You Are Getting Played in a Relationship

The first thing you need to know is that; there is nothing wrong with you. You are not foolish or slow; you are just in love with someone who is untrustworthy. Even the best of us get played sometimes and… Continue Reading →

Things to Remember at the Beginning of a Relationship

The beginning of a relationship is probably the most important time in any relationship because the culture that you start at the beginning will largely set the pace for the relationship. A lot of people, however, make mistakes at the… Continue Reading →

How to Make Him Want to Marry You

You love him and you desire to marry him. It is a valid desire. However, there is usually the dilemma of expressing this desire because you don’t want to seem needy or push him away. Your best bet is making… Continue Reading →


  After I moved into the hostel in UI, the next thing was for me to find a fellowship or church to attend. But because laziness is my trademark, I decided fellowship would be better since it is inside the… Continue Reading →


Will Smith clocked 50 recently – I think few weeks ago and he went for one historic jump around the Grand Canyon. But that’s not the story. I saw pictures and videos on his, his wife’s and ex-wife’s IG page…. Continue Reading →


Last election, I supported Former President Goodluck Jonathan against President Buhari and I remembered the jabs to my person that I suffered. Some, I cautioned; some I smiled at. Even then, I knew it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t have anything… Continue Reading →


I read a story a while back on Facebook. According to the story, a lady married a man who is more conservative than she is and she is now living with regret. The Cliffs Notes version is that he told… Continue Reading →


Alicia was pissed, oh it grated. She couldn’t believe how much. She tossed and turned again in bed, trying to find the right position to dispel the overwhelming boredom. “Idleness is mean,” she grumbled to the empty room. But that… Continue Reading →

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