I read about a lady on social media who uploaded her boyfriend’s CV, searching for job for him.

She got a lot of retweets and replies as expected. When you do something beyond the ordinary, it catches people’s attention.

Quite a number of people – mostly females – hoped that the guy would stick to her when he made it, considering how she is a dream girlfriend.

I however think it is a flawed thinking to help people, expecting returns.

Understand that I am in no way trying to act sanctimonious. There are many times when I am selfish.

But I just think it is wise to understand that your helping someone should be just because you want to help them and you should do it expecting nothing.

Really, I understand that she did it because he is her boyfriend but I cannot help thinking that if he was just someone she knows and he needs help, which is at her disposal, won’t she have rendered him help as well?

Trust me, I get when people tell you – women especially – not to put their all in a relationship or not to date a broke guy because when he makes it, he will go look for someone else.

I just don’t agree.

Maybe I really am weird.

You really should just help people if you can, regardless of what they may or may not do in future.

The truth is that they are not your focus, God is.

Recently, I loaned someone the last money in my account because he told me he was stranded.

I suffered because of that money because he has yet to pay back.

Thank God for friends in my life who made sure I didn’t starve, at least.

You see when I told another friend, he told me that I had been scammed and my reply was, “it is cool, as far as it is not my virtue.”

And when he was lamenting seriously over the issue on my behalf, I told him if somebody else asked me for money and I could afford it, I would still help.

I have just learnt not to let people affect the way I react to others.

I am one of those who strongly believe that people are different and no one can convince me otherwise.

So, in my mind, the fact that one person did it doesn’t mean the next person would.

And really even if everybody in the world were the same, when we understand that our focus is God, we would be able to deal easily with people.

Really, if we were watching those we could help and making sure they are people who would someday repay us, what use is that?

I mean, when you want to help people, do it because it is at your disposal and you decided to help, not because you are expecting a return.