Hi guys! Usually I post on Fridays but I decided to post a day earlier because today is my birthday and I am sure I deserve a little spree.

So anyways, to celebrate my birthday, I decided to reveal some things you probably did not know about Ayandola, I thought it would be fun.

It’s quite a long read but I promise it will be interesting. And some are embarrassing but what’s man without little vices? Enjoy.

I like dark rooms: I gave this as the first because it still amazes me and sometimes I question why but I can’t help it. I literally can’t stand light in a room except I’m using it, it freaks me out.

My perfect idea of relaxation is curtain down, lights off.

Ayandola is a perfectionist: I have a hard time forgiving myself if I make a mistake and I have discovered it has its pros and cons.

I practically analyze things to death before I get involved in it, I give “look before you leap” another meaning.

And while it has saved me a lot of times, it has also made me fearful sort of, I avoid a lot of things I am not sure of because I don’t want to fail.

On the flip side, if you give me a job to do whether I like that I’m given the job or not, you can be rest assured I will do a good job.

Of course there is a place for human limitations where I don’t know how to do it and make a mess of it or I just make a mistake but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Ayandola is very shy and reserved: I am not quiet per se but I am reserved, so it might take me a while to open up. However when I do, I can be a talkative when the mood sets in but because I am shy, I always prefer chatting, I do well with those.

I am also a good listener. I particularly like gist, so I don’t mind somebody else doing the talking as far as talking is going on.

I am a curious and inquisitive soul: I can ask questions for federal government and usually want to know every tiny detail.

Not because I want to use it for anything in particular but because I just want to know.

On the other hand, I don’t really like been questioned. Yes, I know what you are thinking but it is what it is.

I am very friendly and approachable but I’m not a ‘friend’ person: I don’t know how to explain it myself and a lot of people will find this hard to believe but I am sort of a loner.

I have very few friends and a lot of acquaintances but I treat them as special as friends.

However, while I know how to make friends, I don’t really know how to keep them.

It’s sad but I move on easily from people but it’s usually unconsciously, I don’t plan these things.

Ayandola doesn’t like visitors: I like visits from very close friends, friends who I can meet at the door with my hairnet.

But if I have to take special care for the visitor, then it’s not really my thing.

And before you condemn me, it’s not really out of a bad attitude; it’s more that I’m usually at a loss how to entertain people.

I know, right? Where is my sense of hospitality? But I guess it’s related to the point above.

Let me point here though that I am nice enough not to treat visitors badly, if I have to deal with it, I would, I just would rather not deal with it.

I don’t like noise: I don’t know how this came to be. I use to be a noisemaker in secondary school and I still make noise once in a while but there is little I relish like some quiet.

Ayandola hates crowds: My best idea of an outing is chilling at home with close friends; preferably with the curtains down but if we want to get fussy and actually go out, then it should be somewhere private, like a park or a resort center.

The only crowdy place I can manage is the cinemas because of my love for movies and they are even quiet and don’t look that rowdy once you are inside the auditorium anyways.

But once we are done with the movie, can we please go home?

I like my own company: I am my own best friend. Give me movies, books, electricity, internet and food and I’m good to go. I can stay indoors for months.

I know how it sounds but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Ayandola is very nice, sensitive and considerate: While this may look like conceit, it’s just the truth. I care about people a lot, sometimes to my own detriment.

I would literally do anything to make sure I don’t hurt anybody. And when I do – I am human after all – I will try to make you feel better.

I hardly cry for myself except when I’m sick: I cry when I’m sick because “I don’t know why”, but I don’t cry when I’m hurt because I don’t want anybody to hold that much power over me and I can’t stand it when someone does.

However, I can cry you a river when someone around me is hurting or even when the person is just crying, including babies. I can’t stand tears basically, except if I see it’s not genuine or I don’t think it makes sense.

I am unemotional: Let me state first that I am not heartless like I have heard many times lol and I am not without feeling, I just don’t express them as much as others.

Also, I hardly base my decisions on feelings but on logic. You will probably not get more than a frown from me if I’m angry, I hardly flare up or yell.

And I might just smile to express happiness, even excitement.

As a matter of fact, if I show too much excitement, then I’m probably not that excited and just overcompensating for it, so you won’t feel bad but if I am, I’m usually at a loss how to react.

I don’t judge people as a rule because I have also made some mistakes, some out of stupidity, and some out of curiosity or even selfishness.

So I understand what it means to be human, however I can’t understand it when people justify their actions. I strongly believe that what’s wrong is wrong even if we are all getting it wrong.

I am more interested in making impact than in making money – believe it or not – and I am more interested in making money than having fame.

I don’t need everybody to know me; I just want to be remembered fondly by the lives I’m hoping to touch.

Ayandola hastwo sides to her: I have the tough exterior that most people that claim to know me know. I also have the sweet side, which if I may say myself, is the real me.

The exterior is more like a façade or a defense mechanism. I really am sweet lol.

I like guys that brood: There is something about broody eyes that calls to me. It somewhat challenges me, like I want to crack it and figure out what they are thinking.

And it also draws my compassionate side that wants to help them solve the problem.

I like guys with dreads: Not shooting-the-stars-spiky-Basketmouth-kinda dreads but long-can-be-parked-in-a-ponytail-kinda dreads.

Ayandola has zero sense of direction: This is really sad to admit but true. If I want to determine my left from my right, I look at my hands to check the one I write with.

If a pair of shoe looks alike, I might have a harder time with it. I remember I was travelling one day and I pulled off my shoe, when the driver stopped and I wanted to wear them, I couldn’t figure out which was which.

I didn’t know the guy sitting on my row was watching me, usually I code it, so you might not know but I guess I got carried away.

Then he finally smilingly said “that’s the right,” Jeez! Imagine my embarrassment; my saving grace was that he wasn’t so cute lol.

I bite my nails: I guess I started this in junior secondary school when you have to quickly cut your nails at the assembly ground to avoid been punished.

My dad has given me so many lectures about how I am a lady and it’s not pretty but it hasn’t penetrated yet. Basically, I have long given up on it.

I hate animals: Ok, I don’t hate them, I just like them from afar because truth: they terrify me. The only animals I don’t mind close are insects, I can intimidate those ones but anything after lizard is a no go area.

My fear probably (not sure) started when I was little and I was walking among a herd of sheep relaxing and I touched one of them – a lamb.

The lamb stood up, glared at me – I believe – and started chasing me, I ran as far as my small legs could manage. He didn’t let me go till I got to where people were and ran behind someone.

I must have decided then that there is no innocent animal.

Today is my birthday: December 10 annually, don’t forget.

My best food is yam: no need to explain.

I don’t like drinks, my best drink is water: This has nothing to do with weight as most people erroneously believe. I just don’t fancy them, they tire me easily.

I have found few that I really liked sha but generally, they are not my thing. I however like ice cream.

I don’t like snacks: the taste of flour just stresses me out. I eat snacks mostly when I don’t have an option or when I don’t want to look weird.

I prefer fish to meat.

Ayandola is female: lol. I know you know but if you weren’t aware, now you know. If you knew, there is nothing wrong in knowing again. Too much knowledge is not a fatal disease.

And most importantly, I love God: I have made a lot of mistakes (check a point above) and I have many flaws (check almost every point above) but one constant thing is that I love God, so I try to do what is right and I am unapologetic about it.

As a matter of fact, I want to love Him more. That’s my greatest desire in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing but even if you didn’t, still wish me happy birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes in advance.