When Susan met Daniel, he was scrawny and attempted to cover his scragginess in coats – not suits – that were almost as thick as his duvet. He also had a scaly face and a brittle voice, completely lacking physically.

However what Daniel lacked physically, he made up for with his brains. People generally forgave him for looking like a stick in a sack when they got a glimpse of what he carried.

His father who was also grossly disappointed with the looks of his son was often heard to boast, “Boy have good brains on his shoulders”, which seemed to more than compensate Omoh Daniel (Snr) for what he considered a lack in his son.

Daniel had turned out to be one of the best corporate lawyers in town, well respected among his colleagues once they looked beyond his not-so-pleasant appearance.

Susan on the other hand, was a beauty queen, literally and figuratively. She had won a beauty pageant once, didn’t matter that it was ‘Miss ilumo town’ and not one of the big leagues.

Anybody who had a problem with it was just a nitpicker; a beauty pageant was a beauty pageant even if hers had been organized like a backyard sale.

Plus in reality, Susan was beautiful, tall, and slender with her curves and edges in the right places; she had everything going for her bodily.

But that was not all to Susan either, she had also managed to finish law school and had been called to bar. She had practically set her claws on Daniel the minute she met him at a law conference.

Having determined after leaving the ghetto she grew up in not to let anything stand in the way of whatever she wanted, Daniel hadn’t stood a chance.

And considering she wasn’t a woman who believed in subtleties, she had snagged him before anybody knew it.

Everybody had been surprised at the union and wondered what a gorgeous woman like Susan was doing with a man like Daniel.

It hadn’t taken long for the wagging tongues to remember Daniel might have been simple-minded, but he was also an Omoh, son of an oil magnate.

Perhaps, the most surprised of all was Daniel; he had been unable to wrap his head around what a woman like Susan saw in him.

He knew she had kick-started the relationship but he didn’t mind, we were in the 21st century, not the dark ages. He had been more concerned about how sweet she had been to him.

She had been nice, loving, compassionate, attentive and intelligent.

As far as he was concerned there was nothing more a man could need in a woman.

Daniel had been certain she was the best thing that had happened to him.

He had even started hitting the gym and paying attention to what he wore.

Hadn’t he been receiving compliments from people once they started noticing the change? And it was all due to Susan.

He had always known he just needed the right incentive to do something about his appearance, Susan had been the incentive.

That was probably why Daniel dismissed it when Susan slapped his gardener – a man old enough to be his father – for not rearranging the flowers alphabetically.

It also hadn’t exactly meant anything that her paralegal – a man married with kids – quaked at the sight of her.

Daniel also hadn’t noticed that she cringed in the presence of his niece when she came to spend some weekends with him.

It hadn’t registered at all that she screamed her head off when the gateman touched her car.

Plus, she had said she was kidding when she called her mother a self-righteous rube; it was her mother after all and he had no business interfering in family matters.

Anytime she exhibited any of these characters during the two years they dated, Daniel summed it up to nerves, anger or mood swings.

He had known she hadn’t meant any of those things, people sometimes acted out of the ordinary when pushed to the wall.

Hadn’t she been nothing but awesome to him? She was definitely a better person than that.

Six months into their marriage, Daniel was horrified when she magically changed.

She never used to scream at him, now she found every opportunity to do just that,

Susan now had zero tolerance for his family, became completely inconsiderate and worst of all, she told him she didn’t want kids.

He couldn’t believe where all that came from.

Where was his sweet, calm Susan who had been nothing but awesome to him? Where had she disappeared to? She couldn’t have been pretending all the while now, could she?

Need I say more? Was Susan really such an Oscar worthy actress he didn’t know she was a fake person or was Daniel blinded to her behaviour to others and concentrated more on how she acted towards him?

If they are only nice, sweet, great or generous to you, then that’s not who they are, they are only putting on an act; the person is fake.

If they really were like that, then they wouldn’t be able to pick who to be nice, sweet, great or generous to, it would just come to them naturally.

So, back to the question; how do you know your partner is a fake person?

You know when their sweet act is not consistent, but limited only to you. They are simply pretending to be the right person for you and who they are will soon rear its ugly head.

While it is important to see how people treat us in relationships, we should also see how they treat every other person. A genuine person will be consistent in their behaviour. If you are the only one who experiences their sweet side, it is clear they are pretending and they are not who they say they are.

Don’t concentrate on their behaviour to you alone and think all is well with the world. How do they treat others; especially those who have nothing to offer them? Take note of that and you will know whether you are with a fake person or not.


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