I consider being introverted a beautiful thing … I am probably biased though because I am one.

However, I readily agree that our personality traits can make finding love difficult.

Some introverts try to become extroverts in their quest to find love and I don’t blame them; everybody wants to be loved.

But being an introvert, I have discovered that the best way to go about this is embracing your personality and approaching it the best way suited for an introvert.

There are ways that best suits introverts that will make finding love easy. Otherwise, dating will take its toll and you will find yourself wondering if it’s all worth it.

What are the ways to find love as an introvert?


Only Go On Dates With People With Potential: One very significant trait about introverts is how we get overwhelmed when we have to socialise for too long or frequently.

However, we can all agree that dating is important in trying to find love. So, to achieve this and also not get overwhelmed, it is important not to waste time dating time-wasters.

Luckily, there are so many chat platforms to have conversations with people before going on dates. Ask the important questions and get to know if the person has potential before you go on a date.

That way, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and hopefully, don’t have to go on many dates before finding the right one.


Go On A Comfortable First Date: Basically, some introverts don’t function well in a crowded place and you might not get the best out of them in such situations.

So, it is important that you go on a comfortable date, especially for the first date when you are trying to get to know the person more.

Go somewhere quiet – but public because of safety, considering it is the first date – and have a conversation.


Take Advantage Of Social Media: There are so many couples finding love on social media and you can be one of them

While introverts might not do so well in face-to-face conversations, we are masters of behind-the-phone conversations when we are in the mood to talk.

So take advantage of that to meet people. Engage people, talk to them, comment and like posts and even approach someone you might be interested in.


Partake In Social Activities Of Interest: If you do want to find love, you might want to meet people and have them see you.

While you might be uncomfortable going for events and being around a huge number of people, you might not mind it so much if it is something you genuinely enjoy.

Visit places you enjoy, get involved in activities that interest you and you just might meet someone with whom you have things in common.


Date At Your Own Pace: Don’t put yourself under pressure because you want to find love. It is easy to get desperate and not enjoy the process any longer.

You don’t have to go on a date if you are not in the mood to socialise or you are uncomfortable.

Do it at your own pace and make sure to prioritise your comfort and happiness.


Keep An Open Mind: Don’t be rigid; you really can find love anywhere and with the person you least expect.

Have standards but don’t shut the door on people without giving them a chance.

Sometimes, introverts avoid extroverts because they think dating them will be too much work. . You might be right or wrong.

But don’t conclude if you haven’t tried.


Ask Friends And Family For Help: I don’t personally like the idea of matchmaking for myself because going on blind dates make me nervous.

But I cannot deny it is an effective way for introverts to find love. You can tell your family and friends you want to find love.

They know you and they love you; they might see someone who they know will fit you and hook you up.


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