If you’re an introvert, it’s easy to feel discouraged by how the career and business world is set up. You might be tempted to stay in your little corner, erroneously believing that success is reserved for extroverts.

Worst still, you may be considering changing yourself to fit what you think is the acceptable personality. While we should constantly improve ourselves, you don’t have to change yourself to get ahead at work as an introvert. You just need to know how to leverage your strengths.

This article will show you how to use your introversion to your advantage to get ahead in a world used to loudness.


How to Stand Out as an Introvert to Get Ahead in Your Career

1. Be Yourself

This might sound cliché, but it is vital as many introverts fall into the trap of wanting to change themselves or feeling defeated.

There’s nothing wrong with you, and who you are will not impede your success. Some of the world’s most successful people are introverts, including Bill Gates, Oprah, and Mark Zuckerberg.

If they went on to be billionaires, who said you can’t? Be unapologetic yourself and be ready to conquer the world by being yourself.

2. Deliver Results

You don’t always have to be loud to produce results. In fact, you may have heard that actions speak louder than words. So, since you’re not a talker, being productive is the best way to get ahead at work as an introvert.

While confidence and being out there do have advantages, they soon wear out if you’re not producing actual value. So, instead of competing with extroverts, focus on building yourself.

Hone your skills and learn all you need to deliver. Then deliver. Be excellent and diligent at work, and it’s only a matter of time before you get noticed.

Of course, you must ensure you get credit for your work. You also don’t need to be extroverted to achieve this; you just need to not be afraid to speak out where necessary and make valuable contributions during meetings.  

There’s an erroneous idea popular in the labour market where people feel the need to speak just to speak. It’s counterproductive because that way, you are likely to be in more foot-in-the-mouth situations. Take advantage of your introspection as an introvert and talk only when you have something relevant to add.

However, don’t also give in to your tendency to cower in a group setting. Don’t be afraid to voice it out when you are certain you have a meaningful addition to the discussion. Don’t let that voice of fear in your head keep you down.

Now, if you work in a cut-throat organisation where you need to be ruthless to get ahead, consider changing jobs to an environment where people are credited for their work.

As you keep delivering results, you’ll get noticed and receive the required promotion.

3. Help Others

Another great way to get ahead at work as an introvert is to help others. This is completely different from doing other people’s jobs while neglecting yours or helping people and getting no credit for it. It is also not eye-service

No, this is simply genuinely lending a hand here and there. If you notice a coworker struggling with something you can help out with, show them the ropes and let them see how valuable you are.

It helps spread goodwill, and we all know you need support to get ahead in the workplace.

How to Get Ahead at Work as an Introvert


4. Create Strong Relationships

Strong relationships and networking are invaluable assets to getting ahead in life. But this doesn’t come easy for introverts.

However, you can still work around it by being yourself. Introverts might not be the most social person in a group, but they are great with one-on-one conversations.

So, take advantage of lunch breaks and time outs to make friends. You don’t have to be friends with everybody in your company; a select quality few is enough.

Having one or two people in your corner who have your back, encourage you to contribute your ideas, and speak out for you in your absence is vital to growing your career.

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5. Take the Time Out You Need

Take the necessary time outs you need to recharge. Every introvert knows we need that time to be our best selves. If you can have it at home, then do so after work.

While you might need to attend one or two after-work outings, don’t hesitate to say no to some if you need that time to recharge.

Recharging will help you better prepare to face the loud world.

6. Set Boundaries

Similar to the above, set boundaries so you don’t get overwhelmed with activities. You don’t have to attend every event; wisely select the ones that will help you advance your career.

Also, don’t be afraid to say no when asked for help or invited. If it’s not easy to say it outrightly, tell them you will check your schedule and get back. That gives off the impression that your refusal was well thought out.

7. Prepare for Public Speaking in Advance

You’ll hardly avoid speaking publicly – even if occasionally – as you move ahead in your career. So, your best bet is to prepare ahead.

Although introverts hate public speaking, they do well when better prepared.

If it’s an event you know about, practice ahead in front of a mirror or a trusted person to get honest feedback.

And if it’s for meetings where you may be called to speak, prepare ahead for possible talking points so you’re not caught unaware.

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8. Leverage Your Strength

To get ahead, take advantage of your other introverted qualities, such as active listening, observational skills, engaging conversations, attention to detail, and emotional intelligence.

Focus less on your weakness and use your strength.

Get Ahead at Work as an Introvert

Introverts are not doomed to live an unfulfilled life, unlike what the rest of the world thinks. Your first step is not believing that lie. The next is to take action by harnessing your strength to stand out and make a mark in your workplace and the world at large.