There is something about being 30 that many women recognise and understand. There is just this unspoken rule that life is passing you by if you are yet to achieve some things; top on the list of which is marriage.

For this reason, many single women approach their 30s with dread instead of celebrating the gift of life.

On the other hand, you’d expect that married women would find it easier. Well, that is wishful thinking; they don’t.

There is a certain unexplainable feeling that dawns on you when you are or are about to clock 30; married or single.

Knowing this reality, therefore, calls on us to prepare for our 30, so we don’t approach it with dread but with peace and serenity.

When you are adequately prepared for any change in your life, you’ll likely not be as fearful as those who are unprepared.

So, having said that, it is crucial that as a woman, you know some things every woman should know before 30.

Now, you may be asking, “What are those things every woman should know before 30?” Well, I’d discuss them below. Let’s look at them.


Crucial Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30

  1. Know Yourself

You need to know who you are. You should be able to describe and define yourself. At age 30, it’d be preposterous for others to define who you are to you.

And if you don’t take the time to discover yourself and know your identity, many people are ready to tell you who they think you are.

So, you need to ask yourself some pertinent questions to properly define yourself; how would you describe yourself? What makes you tick? What are your core values? What are your passions and interests? What is your goal in life?

Now, all of these will most likely be informed by your influences and experiences. But you need to be certain about why you hold on to them.

Are you just echoing what others are saying as your values and opinions or do you hold on to them because you understand the reason?

You cannot be 30 and be wishy-washy; neither here nor there. You should be someone and stand for something. You shouldn’t be someone who just moves with the tide or where the applause is loudest for no reason.

Everybody is unique and you need to find your place in the world and be yourself while striving to be a better version of it.


  1. Know Your Friends

When you have discovered yourself, you’d be able to properly identify your friends because you will have aligned values with your friends.

Now, while your friends will be their own individuals as well and not your clone, they’d align with your core values.

One thing many of us mix up a lot is the difference between friends and acquaintances. Some people really are just your acquaintances and that’s okay.

Friends are not just people we smile and laugh with or even have discussions with. They are those people that are there in your strongest and weakest, those who know you to your core.

Unfortunately, as you grow, you’d outgrow some of the friends you grew up with and sometimes y’all will just choose different parts.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about choosing the path that defines you, which is one thing you’d identify once you have discovered yourself.

Just make sure to be honest and kind as it happens because although some may grow apart naturally, some will require a little intentionality.

Try to be as kind and peaceable as you can to make it happen.


two black women who are friends having fun


  1. What You Are Good At

One of the things every woman should know before 30 is what she is good at and how she can translate that into a source of income.

At 30, you should be aiming for a life where you can earn an income doing what you love. Nobody should be doing a job they don’t enjoy.

However, we also need to be realistic. Sometimes, the things you enjoy might not be the best career path to pursue. So, the point is to find the right balance.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are someone who loves clothes and you are very creative when it comes to putting the right pieces together to make a fashionable statement. You can decide to make a career out of it as a fashion designer or tailor or fashion blogger/vlogger.

On the other hand, doing what you enjoy could also simply be going for a career that suits your personality. For instance, if you are an introvert who is not a people person, it might not be advisable to pursue a career in sales or customer service because dealing with people frustrates you.

Of course, you can push yourself. There are many introverts who ended up learning to be great public speakers or being before people. If part of your life goals is training yourself to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s fine.

If not, you should find something else that comes naturally to you.

So, doing what you love can sometimes just be about identifying your strengths and going into careers where they will be nurtured and not where your weakness will be pronounced.


  1. Your Definition of Love

While most of us indeed know the basics of love, many of us have not defined love for ourselves. Now generally, certain things are given when you love someone.

For instance, if you are a Christian, you might know the definition of love in 1 Cor. 13 about love being kind, gentle and so on.

However, we also have different understandings of the expression of love or should I say love languages?

You need to know what you’d consider love and what you wouldn’t.

The reason this is important is that you cannot communicate what you want to others if you don’t know it yourself.

And at 30, you shouldn’t be in a relationship short of the best for you. This does not mean a perfect relationship.

No, it means a relationship where your needs are acknowledged and met. So, if you want to be loved a certain way, you need to identify it and make sure to communicate it to your partner.


  1. No Is a Full Sentence

You should be able to say, “No” and mean it.

Many people have a problem saying no because they are scared of upsetting people.

Trust me, I understand and can relate to that anxiety you feel at the thought of upsetting others or the conflict your ‘no’ might cause.

But before you clock 30, you need to learn to be a little more assertive. You need to learn to say no and stick to it when you need to.

If not, people will take you for granted and you’d become drained doing so many things for others because you cannot reject a request.


  1. How Others Define You

How will other people define you?

You cannot afford to be a person with multiple personalities and a jack of all trades.

When people think about you, something clear should come to mind about what you do and who you are.

Now, while you can indeed have a side hustle, there should still be a particular profession you are focused on. In fact, if your side hustle is still based on that one career path, the better. But if not, have your main career.

You cannot be a digital marketer, software engineer, tailor, or lawyer all at the same time. Choose one as your main career path and focus on it.

And you should not have conflicting personalities; have a clear identity.


  1. What Else You Can Do to Make an Income

I already mentioned above the importance of having a main source of income or career path. But I also mentioned that it is advisable to have a side hustle as well.

The side hustle doesn’t have to be completely removed from your career if there is no need to. What matters is that you have other sources of income besides your main.

This is also the time to start thinking about what you can do – like investments – that can bring in passive income as well. As much as you can, you should have multiple streams of income.


things every woman should know before 30


  1. Financial Intelligence

As a woman, there is a tendency to not bother so much about your finances. But you will be doing yourself a world of good if you have at least, basic financial intelligence.

You don’t have to be a financial expert; you just need to know not to waste money or spend above your income. You just need to know you should be saving and investing.

And If you need more knowledge on investment, then you can consult financial experts or you can read about it online.

However, on a basic level, you should learn and inculcate the discipline to be prudent with money.


  1. Do I have a relationship with God?

And finally but definitely not least, you should have a relationship with God.

Remember that you didn’t create yourself and there is just so much about yourself you can never know. Having a relationship with God will not only bring you peace, but it will also reveal you to you.

God will show you who you are, what you should be doing and how to do what you should be doing. All you have to do is ask and yield, especially when it makes no sense.

You can read my articles on faith if you don’t know where to start.

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