There’s so much that has been written about the things to do before you turn 18 but how about those turning 20?

Surely, they also need the necessary tips to prepare to cross such a significant age.

That’s why I decided to write about the things to do before your 20th birthday.

So, let’s get to it


Important Things to Do Before You Turn 20

What are the important things to do before you turn 20?

What are those things that are necessary to help you spend your 20 in bliss?

Find some of them below.

  1. Travel Outside Your Country

Travelling is a form of education. And if nothing, it opens your mind and broadens your thinking. You might think all is great with your way of doing things until you come across another culture.

There is just so much you can learn from travelling.

And even though the point is talking about travelling outside your country, travelling outside your state, city or town also counts.

I mean, I know not many of us might not be able to afford travelling outside our country at 20.

If you can, please do. Like I said, apart from the fact that it’s fun, it’s a great way to learn.

But if not, go to a different place from what you are used to and broaden your horizon.

  1. Move from Home

Again, if you cannot afford to move out yet, then you don’t have to break your back to make it happen.

However, you shouldn’t be comfortable staying with your parents by then. At least, be doing something that would make it possible to move from home.

It could even be something simple as being in school and staying in the dorm room.

That independence is very important to your growth. This will be the best time to learn about yourself, your values, and even your flaws.

  1. Start Pursuing Your Dream/Goals

In many countries, you are already an adult by 18. Therefore, there is no better time than now to start pursuing your dreams.

What makes you excited to wake up in the morning?

What are you looking forward to making out of your life 5/10 years from now?

Where do you see yourself years from now?

If you have determined this, then it is time to start doing something that will get you one step closer to achieving your goal.

It could be going to school, registering for a course, internship, apprenticeship, learning a skill. Whatever it is, start now.

  1. Determine Your Values/Principles

Like I said earlier when I was talking about moving from home before you turn 20 is a great time to determine your values/principles.

While you might know these things living with your parents; it could also be that you are mistaken that your parents’ values are yours.

Sure, we are all products of our background at the end of the day. But the only way to know something is yours is when you can stick it with and defend it.

So, even though you do not have the luxury of living away from home, you can also ask yourself pertinent questions about what your values and principles really are.

  1. Filter Your Friends’ List

Now that you have determined your values, it might be time to filter your friends’ list.

There is no harm done; some friends are just better as elementary school friends. They are not meant to cross into adulthood with you.

Not because they are terrible people but because you are going to different places. So, be okay with losing them.

You don’t have to drag the crowd along as you grow; just pick the few that share your core values.


Financial Things to Do Before You Turn 20

These are financial tips for teenagers gearing up to 20 so they can be equipped with the right financial tips for young adults by the age of 20.

I mean, if you are reading this, you are most likely already 18 and 18 is the majority age in many countries. So, what time is better than now to get your finances in order?

Since I’m sure you agree with me, keep reading.


Things to do before you turn 20



  1. Get A Job/Business

Now, I’m not saying necessarily get a job where you are at the top of the ladder or start a business where you are making six figures.

If that’s the case, that’s great.

However, what I’m talking about is starting a business or getting a job to teach you about life outside of school.

It is a great way to prepare for life when you are finally ready to take on bigger roles. Plus, it shows future employers or investors that you are responsible and can take initiative.

  1. Start A Savings Plan

one mistake many people make is not to start a savings plan early enough. A lot of people believe they can only save when they make a lot of money.

And that’s so untrue.

Savings really is not about the amount but the consistency. It doesn’t matter how little you can save, make sure to start saving something.

  1. Invest

While savings is great, it should be towards a goal or more importantly, towards investing.

If you have no pressing need, you should consider investing with your savings.

Savings might get you a few interests here and there but only investment can make a sizeable increase on your money.

On the other hand, investment is a risk, so don’t plunge headlong into it. Get all the necessary information and determine your risk appetite before investing in any opportunity.

  1. Get Insurance

Life is too unpredictable not to put some safety checks in place. That’s where insurance come in.

Insurance, especially health and maybe property insurance, is great to consider.

Of course, I would advise reading all the terms and conditions of the insurance company before going with them.

  1. Learn Self Control

If there is one thing to learn before 20, it is self-control. Remember that you cannot always have what you want and make peace with it.

If you are the type who spends all the money that gets to your hands, you will be doing yourself a great disservice.

You need to spend within your means and save for the rainy days. There will always be something to buy but do you really need it?

If not, let it go.


Empowering Things to Do Before You Turn 20

Your 20s is very significant as it can determine the flow of the rest of your adult life, so it makes sense to know the empowering things to do before you turn 20.

Read on to learn some of them.

  1. Learning A New Skill

Learning a new skill is great to complement what you already have. You can either learn a new skill to improve on what you have or just learn one completely different.

Of course, it has to be something you are interested in, so you can see it through. But it will help you stand out amongst your peers.

  1. Learn A Different Language

You can also take the time to learn a different language, especially one that you feel has commercial value in your field or based on your region.

  1. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is called that because it is rightly comfortable but it is dangerous. It makes us feel everything is great when we are far from reaching our potential.

We all know that zone we are afraid to cross because we are afraid we will fail woefully.

Well, let me tell you that you might actually fail; however, you would have learnt something to do better next time.

Failing at something is better than never trying. You don’t want to be down with regrets years from now because you were afraid to try.

Do it afraid.

  1. Read Great Books

If you are a follower of my posts, you would have read a lot of times here that readers are leaders.

And that’s because it’s true.

Read outside of your school curriculum. Read some books just for the sake of reading. You can read about the weather, history books, sport, animals and practically anything valuable.

It will broaden your knowledge and intellect.

You can start by reading my novel – Wrong but Right

  1. Invest in Self-Care

Make sure to exercise, stay hydrated, eat good food, get enough sleep, rest well, spend time alone, and dress well; all these will increase your confidence.

And now is a great time to cultivate the habit before it becomes harder because life is too busy.




Fun Things to Do Before You Turn 20

Life can get really busy once you clock 20. this doesn’t mean you won’t do all the fun things you want to do but you might have to do more to find the time.

So, now, it’s great to make sure to have a lot of fun before you turn 20. Having said that, let’s look at some of the fun things you should consider.

Things to do before you turn 20

  1. Go On a Road Trip with Your BFFs

If you have ever gone on a road trip, you will know how much fun it is. You and your friends can go on a road trip to certain cities in your country.

Make sure to mix with the locals, eat their food and learn, at least, a little about their culture.

  1. Go Through Your Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list?

Now might be the time to find your bucket list and check the points listed.

The more you put it off, the more you might never get to it because life just might get busier.

  1. Try Your Hands On Something New

Similar to going outside of your comfort zone, you should definitely do something new.

Sure you have your hobbies and have always focused on that when you want to do something fun. But you might find other hobbies that you won’t know will interest you because you have never tried them before.

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. For instance, if you always go to the movies for fun, how about going to the beach, a gallery or a museum instead?

You never know what you will find.

  1. Attend a Musical Concert

Attending a musical concert is definitely one of the things to do before you turn 20.

You can attend the concert of your favourite musician or try other musicians in the spirit of trying something new.

  1. Spend Time Outdoor

There is more to fun than staying cooped up inside the house. If you are a homebody like me, getting us to leave the house is not the easiest thing to do.

However, we need to let ourselves have fun outdoor, at least once in a while.


To wrap up, let me say that this list is not exhaustive because there a lot of things to do by age 20. But if you follow what’s written here as well, you will be on your way to having the 20s of your dreams.