It is amazing how people manage to disappear even with all the technological advancements available now but they happen to find a way. And except you want to go FBI on them, it will be difficult to find them.

There are many reasons why people ghost others, but whatever the case, the one at the receiving end is bound to feel terrible.

A lot of questions begin to run through your mind. What did I do wrong? What could I have done better?

I completely understand; it is not easy meeting and liking someone; expecting that something will come out of it, and the person completely disappears. In fact, even if you weren’t expecting something to come off it, nobody enjoys being ghosted; it is that simple.

So, what can we do? How do we avoid being ghosted? That’s what we will be discussing.


How to Avoid Being Ghosted

  1. Make Plans To See

Sometimes, we spend too much time on the pre-talk instead of making plans to meet. You can skip texting and calling and just decide to meet the person, except, of course, there is a long distance involved.

How about when you meet someone online or anywhere, you go straight to planning a time to have a drink or whatever your idea of a good first date is?

The reason pre-talk can cause issues is that you can find out something about the other or even assume something that will make you believe ghosting is the best way to go.

But when plans are made to meet for the first date, you can ask questions, get to know basic things about each other, feel each other’s vibe and know if the relationship is worth pursuing.






  1. Ask Relevant Questions

It is more difficult for people to ghost you when you ask specific questions instead of keeping the conversation open-ended.

So, if you meet someone online; keep asking them questions to keep the conversation going. That might spur the person to reply to avoid being ghosted.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should interrogate the person and make them feel like they are in an interview. Keep the more personal questions for when you get to know each other more.

Just ask normal questions that show the person that you are interested in knowing them better and encourage them to ask you questions too.

Also, you can ask questions to know what the person expects from the conversation. Is the person also interested in meeting someone or just a time-waster? There are a lot of time-wasters on the internet and you don’t fall a victim.

Certain leading questions might give you an idea what the person is all about; if you guys have potential or you should move on.

Don’t ghost them though; let them know what you think if they reach out and end the interaction.




  1. Keep Certain Things To Yourself

Remember that this person is still a stranger; so keeping certain things to yourself is necessary. You don’t want to divulge your secrets to a stranger.

But besides that, keeping certain things will keep an air of mystery around you that the other person might be interested in unravelling.

But if they know all there is to know about you or you are always available when they want to talk like you don’t have a life; there is nothing of interest to look forward to and they just might not be interested in sticking around.



Now, here is the thing; all the points listed above are ways you can avoid being ghosted; at least frequently. However, remember that sometimes, some people just have an issue; and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from them. Whatever the case, if you are ghosted, don’t blame yourself; it is not your fault and at the right time, you will meet the right person. Don’t give up!