Yes, you shouldn’t change yourself!

But yes, you can always seek to be a better person!

While perfection eludes us as men, we should still seek to be better human beings. If you are attracted to a man and he feels the same, you might be thinking that he should take you as you are and you would be right; to some extent.

But there are certain habits and behaviours that will frustrate anybody. It is only right to work on them if we notice them in our lives.

If you are searching for a serious relationship, you should know the annoying habits that could frustrate a man’s attraction towards you.


Habits That Could Frustrate A Man’s Attraction Towards You

  1. Playing Hard To Get

If a guy is young and has all the time in the world or if he is a player, he might not mind it so much that you are playing hard to get.

But if a guy is grown, likes you and really wants to be with you, trust that it will frustrate him when you are giving him mixed signals.

Remember that there is nothing wrong if you are not interested in him as he is in you and you should tell him and not string him along.

But if you feel the same way, there is no need for games. You will simply give off the impression that you are immature to a mature guy.

Now, it is possible not to be sure if you want to proceed with the relationship even though you have feelings for him, the mature thing to do will be, to be honest about it.

That’s what differentiates us from children; we have honest conversations about things.

Don’t give the guy different signals as the mood suits you and expects him to take it just because you know he is attracted to you. Playing games is not attractive.




  1. Not Saying What You Mean

This is similar to the above. Don’t say yes when you mean no and no when you mean yes. Also, keeping shut and expecting others to figure out what you are thinking will frustrate anybody; not just a man who is attracted to you.

He is not a mind reader, just like you are not; so all you have to do is put him in your shoes.




  1. Tardiness

Women have a lot of excuses for being tardy and they expect men to just take it. Your makeup might take all day but think about it; if you had a presentation at work, will your makeup make you get there late?

While you might say a date is quite different from a work presentation and you want to glam up, remember that there is a human being whose time you are wasting.

Try to start dressing up earlier if you know you will take time dressing up. Getting to dates on time is super attractive and it shows the man that you care about his time.


Habits That Could Frustrate A Man’s Attraction Towards You


  1. Demanding

With all the clamour for gender equality going on, it is surprising that there are women who are still demanding but it seems not everybody has gotten with the program.

It is true that there are a group of men that enjoy providing and feel that providing for their woman is the way they show their love, but nobody wants to be with someone who keeps demanding from them.

In fact, let me say that love is giving. One of the signs of love is your willingness to give to your lover; if all you are interested in is taking, it means you are not ready to love.

And it is only a matter of time before he sees it. Being demanding is definitely one of the habits that could frustrate a man’s attention towards you. You should refrain from it.

Be a lover; be a giver.




  1. Clingy

Yes, you like him too and you are glad he finally asked you out but please, let him breathe. You are more attractive if it is clear you have a life instead of looking like you spent your life hoping a man finds you.

Now, remember that this is different from playing hard to get. It doesn’t translate to playing hard; it just means you also have something occupying you.

Don’t chase him around with calls and messages, hoping that will keep him interested. It will most likely frustrate him.


  1. Arrogance

There are certain women who have mistaken strong and independence for rudeness. In fact, if you are a strong woman, you are likely a polite and courteous person.

There is no better way to lose a man than making him feel like you are doing him a favour, you are better than him or that you have options.

But really, let’s even remove getting a man from the equation, nobody should be arrogant. As a human being, if you are, work on it for yourself.





A man could be really attracted to you and considers a relationship with you but, if you have any of these habits that could frustrate a man’s attraction towards you, you could lose him. And like I said, for yourself, you should seek to improve yourself.