I believe love should be celebrated every day; it is, after all, one of the greatest gifts to man.

However, I am not one of those who believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day is cliché. In my opinion, we should take every opportunity that we have been given to celebrate love.

What can be cliché is if Valentine’s Day is not celebrated by putting great thoughts into it.

Some people do the same thing every year and I am sure you and your partner are getting tired of the monotony by now.

So, what do you do?

You should spice up Valentine’s Day this year and do something you haven’t done before. But trust me, I know how difficult it can be to think up ideas, especially with so much that we have to do and with the pandemic restrictions.

That is why I have taken the time to come up with great Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate this year.


  1. Karaoke

Karaoke is not usually the go-to idea for Valentine because while people think it is fun, they do not consider it romantic.

However, Valentine’s Day should also be fun and karaoke is definitely fun.

The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to know how to sing to go for karaoke; it is just about having a beautiful memory and enjoying yourself.


  1. Comedy Show

A comedy show is one of the great Valentine’s Day ideas you should definitely consider this year.

Usually, some comedians organise shows on Valentine’s Day, but with the pandemic, you could simply watch some comedy shows on TV to share some laughter with your partner.

After all, laughter is medicine to the soul.


  1. Staycation

Valentine’s Day is a not officially a holiday, so most people will have to work on that day and so, a vacation might not be viable.

However, a staycation can serve as an alternative. Get a beautiful resort or hotel in your city and go spend the night alone, away from every distraction.


  1. Amusement Park

Find your inner childhood by going to an amusement park to enjoy some rides. It is not only an adventure but it will be a fun memory that you can always recount.

And not to mention, it is different, so that will make it special. If the amusement park is not closed in your country, then you should enjoy it but remember to stay safe.


  1. Picnic At Home

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive; you can always stay at home and have an indoor picnic.

It can also be an outdoor picnic in the backyard or compound of your home. Cook together, make snacks and sit under the sunset to enjoy it.


  1. Spa Day

Who doesn’t want to sit back, relax and be spoiled? And it is even better if you are getting spoiled with your lover.

You can both schedule a spa day and make it a couple’s hang out.


  1. Dinner Date

The good old dinner date can also serve as a great way to enjoy the day. This will even be more special if you are a very busy couple or married with children and don’t have time to date.

Get a sitter, dress up and go enjoy a couple’s night out without the kids.


  1. Movie Night

If you are both movie lovers, this is a very good Valentine’s Day idea to consider. You can have a movie night indoors or decide to go to a cinema or movie theatre.

However, with the pandemic, and movie theatres and cinemas closed in many countries, you might have to stick to indoor movie night.

You can watch a movie you have both wanted to see that is showing or watch a romantic movie to celebrate love.


  1. Tour Your Favourite Places

Think of it as going on vacation and visiting tourist sites but this time, you will be visiting places that mean something to the both of you.

It could be where you had your first date, where you had your first kiss or maybe your favourite park or restaurant.


  1. Play Your Favourite Sport

If you are both sporty, then this is a great idea to consider. You can play either indoor or outdoor sports, depending on which is your favourite.

Staying active should be a year-round activity and what better way to stay active than to play with your lover on lovers’ day?


All these Valentine’s Day ideas are great because they are unique and serve as an alternative to the usual. Remember to exchange gifts or cards as well, especially if that is something your partner will enjoy.

great Valentine's Day ideas