Last election, I supported Former President Goodluck Jonathan against President Buhari and I remembered the jabs to my person that I suffered. Some, I cautioned; some I smiled at. Even then, I knew it wasn’t necessary.

I didn’t have anything against them supporting President Buhari even though it amazed me that they couldn’t see what I saw. But that’s okay, because I’m sure they felt the same way about me choosing the corrupt one to the saint.

What I had problem with was why disagreement couldn’t be civil. I personally didn’t cut anybody off, except one who was asking me out and consistently calling me stomach infrastructure.

The way I saw it, he had a weak sense of character to want to date someone he believed was swayed by her stomach and it would seem terrible for me to be with someone who thought so low of me.

So, he ceased to be someone I considered a friend or acquaintance.

The others, I endured basically because I figured we had had much more impact in each other’s lives than President Buhari or Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would ever have on us as individuals.

And in certain situations, it is you and me that would help each other out, not these politicians. At the end of it all, we only have one another.

I mean, I am the only one in my family who supported Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and I didn’t poison them neither did they harm me. We can disagree on the best candidate but losing important people over it doesn’t make sense.

This election, I’m not supporting any of the big guns. It will be a great joy for me if President Buhari is unseated but I can’t bring myself to support Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Maybe, I will change my mind tomorrow but that’s how I feel today. I’m tired of the PDP/APC cycle.

But that’s not the point of this post. Those of you who are supporting one of them, try not to burn bridges or destroy important relationships over it.

Argue if you must, but keep your focus on the facts and not on personal attacks. At the end of the day, the elites are together and we only truly have one another.