I know I don’t go the way of the crowd and my thinking is always sometimes different from most people. The truth is that contrary to popular belief, I am not trying hard to be the way I am, that is exactly how I am.

I am the kind of person you tell to jump and I would always ask why. Whatever I do or people tell me to do have to make meaning to me or I won’t.

The only aspect of my life that I don’t allow logic touch is my faith because faith is not logical.

However, on the other hand, physically, I have felt God in different ways and personally, have absolutely no doubt of His existence, so we could still say logically, based on my personal experience, my faith makes sense to me.

That aside, pardon me for thinking totally different from the world but I have a serious problem with people putting a limitation on love and who we should and shouldn’t love.

I sincerely wish I can understand why my friend can’t fall in love with my ex, I can’t fall in love with my friend’s ex, a boss can’t fall in love with his employee, one can’t fall in love with one’s client and so on.

I understand how they talk about emotions getting in the way of some certain career path like medicine and law where your emotions might get in the way of logical judgement. I totally get it and I agree.

But I am pressed to ask, isn’t that why we have more than one lawyer of doctor in the world? What is wrong with transferring to someone else when feelings get involved?

Why should there be a law that you shouldn’t fall in love and then stop people from having what could possibly have been the best love story of their lives.

A company policy says personal relationship is not allowed between co-workers because it will affect professionalism.

How about people who can be in love and not carry it to the work place? How about saying instead, that if you can’t mix your personal and professional relationship well, one of you should resign and move on?

Why should my friend have to hide her feelings from me if she falls for my ex? Why should I be angry if they genuinely love each other and it just didn’t work between us?

I say this always and people probably think I am pretending. And that’s okay that people find it hard to believe others can be different from them. It comes with being human.

But as far as I am concerned, the only time I will have an issue with a friend falling in love with my ex is if he is a cheat or a violent person or has some other bad character I believe will make my friend unhappy.

But at the end of the day, I will simply tell her my reservations and support whatever decision she makes. Far be it from me to be the reason a great love story that could have happened, didn’t happen.

I am probably not going to have majority vote on this and that is okay but I am just saying, why should there be  limitations on love or how love can come about?

How about we just let it flow? I think we would have more genuine love that way.

That is what I think but I don’t mind hearing your thoughts. What do you think?


limitations on love