I am a very cautious person. I give “look before you leap” another meaning.

My brother calls me indecisive and I agree. Before making a decision, I look at the pros and cons, the cons and pros, then the pros and cons again, then the proscons and the conspros before I finally decide.

I can imagine how frustrating it is being around me when I want to make a decision. I am even frustrated at myself sometimes. I’m like “Jeez Dola, make a decision already.” I wish I listened to myself more often.

The reason for all these is because I don’t want to make a mistake … even as it relates to people.

But in spite of this, I am very optimistic about people. I give people the benefit of the doubt a lot. I’m likely to ask you fifty questions before I believe the person you said hurt you meant to hurt you.

I believe there is more than meets the eyes in many cases. I believe many people are misunderstood (I have a PhD in being misunderstood, so I’m speaking from experience).

But much more than that, I am a realist and realistically, although the heart of man is desperately wicked, it is this same man that has and will help us.

I believe that we tend to loud the bad in people more than the good. Bad news sells, I guess but most times, people are not as bad as we proclaim.

Think about it, for many of us, I am willing to bet that we have had more people help us than people harm us (I’m not talking of offenses, I’m speaking of hurt).

From that woman who held your hands to cross the road when you were a child, that neighbour who baby sat you and your siblings when your parents were not around, that uncle who gave you money when you needed it, that room mate who took care of you when you were sick, to that colleague who covered for you when you couldn’t come to work, that friend who put you up when you were stranded, that partner who planned a party for you, even to that stranger who gave you a smile when you needed it, gave you directions when you asked for it, the goodness of man is all around us.

So while we are broadcasting the evil men do, let’s not forget to celebrate the good men do as well. Methinks we even have more of that, we just forget.