Story! Story!

I have two stories for you today.

One, during the Hallelujah Challenge, one guy argued with me about how he was sure Nathaniel Bassey was doing it for profit.

I asked him for his proof and he could provide nothing. All he kept doing was speculations and conjectures.

Secondly, I and some people were talking about a certain rich man we all knew and we were talking about his business and how he started and all that.

Then they insinuated that his riches was not pure. He must have added something to it.

I was appalled really.

So I asked them how they knew he added something impure to it and he didn’t become rich solely based on his hard work.

Of course, they didn’t have any substantial reply for me except that it was impossible to make that kind of money purely.

I probably sound naïve to many people. But you see, no matter what you think. I know I am not naïve. I just happen not to like speculations.

I sincerely do not understand how people can speculate about others without thoughts and for some reason; they believe they are the wise one.

The rest of us are naïve for refusing to speculate without evidence.

I think it is sad and something we need to desist from.

It brings to memory the time a certain actress was speculated to have issues in her marriage and one of the reasons given is that she was seen without her ring.

Is it just me or it is indeed sad? I know that personally, I don’t like rings. I find it uncomfortable.

The only jewellery that I am comfortable wearing apart from stud earrings are bracelets … those, I love.

I cannot count the number of times I have removed my earrings and put it in my bag because I was uncomfortable or times I go out without them.

So there is a very high likelihood that I would be seen sometimes without my ring after my marriage and world people will just conclude there is a problem?

And I am certain if someone like me happens to be in their midst, they would tag such a person naïve.

How do we sleep at night coming up with different speculations about people without enough evidence? I wish I can understand.

Can we allow people breathe and stop making up stories about them because in our minds, there is a pattern by which people must behave and be conformed to.

We have made ourselves expert on people’s behaviour that if they act this way, it must mean this. It is ridiculous, just in case nobody has told you.

Give people benefit of the doubt, would you? People are actually more unpredictable than you think.

There is usually more than meets the eyes when it comes to people.

Next time you want to give in to the temptation to speculate, remember speculations does not make you wise, it makes you cynical and worse, ridiculous.