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Photo credit: Google images

There he stood under the Scorching midday sun in his white shirt and green pants… Cleaning off the sweat that trickled down his face…

The heat wouldn’t bother him now, he had something better on his mind. “He was now a corps member of the federal republic of Nigeria”

He decided to circumnavigate the school premises with the intent of maintaining law and order…

Whistling as he passed by each class from junior secondary one to Senior secondary three..

She stood at her class corridor again eye- balling him as usual.
She was in SS3, and as  troublesome as trouble itself

He knew she had plans for him, those type of plans you don’t talk about in front of children. And he wanted to circumvent her as much as possible.

She would usually come to his house after school dressed indecently and he would tell her he was on his way out; a lie.

But there was no way out this time, her clothes where wet; she had been beaten by the heavy down pour.. “I was on my way back from an errand when the rain caught me off guard”. She said. ” I would be inhuman to send her away this time” He thought..

They sat in the room for a while before she shamelessly decided to tell him how she felt

“Corper I like you very much and whatever happens today, no one would know”.

He looked at her and replied. “Young Lady, You are beautiful, young and you have a great future, so do I. Whatever happens today no human would know, but there is God in heaven who sees”. And immediately the rain Seized…

Be like Corper Jubril
Corper Jubril is saving the life of youths
Corper Jubril knows God sees all
And he seeks, above all, to please God.

Happy Easter,
Another beautiful celebration of the greatest love story ever told,
Of the most selfless king that ever lived
A king who gave His life for the people
Just because He loves them.
Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Happy Easter.

Story by Gabriel Ojonimi Ahmadu aka Gabrille, Singer, Songwriter, poet and fiction writer. He has a passion for music but more for God, who he calls his heartbeat. Gabriel likes reading, writing and watching TV.