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Practical Tips to Improve Yourself Professionally in 2024

Are you hoping to improve yourself professionally in 2024 and don’t know where to start? Read this article to learn the practical steps to help you get started. 8 Practical Steps to Take to Improve Yourself Professionally This Year A… Continue Reading →

How to Deal with a Partner Who Is Always on Their Phone

This was probably not a problem some decades ago, but in this age, phone addiction is a big thing. It doesn’t only affect our productivity personally, it ruins our relationships as well.  However, while it is not an issue for… Continue Reading →

70 Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

I know I speak for others when I say I hate being bored, and this is me, speaking as a homebody who enjoys being alone. There is, sometimes, something stimulating about having nothing to do and just being alone with… Continue Reading →

How to Be a Better Public Speaker

The anxiety before you get on stage! The nervousness while on stage! The heavy breaths and sweaty palms! If you are afraid to speak in public, you can probably relate to all the feelings described above. Trust me, I understand,… Continue Reading →

How to Cope with a Critical Partner

Dating a critic is probably one of the hardest things to do. I can imagine that most people with critical partners always ask, “what to do when your partner is too critical?” I know it seems hopeless because of how… Continue Reading →

How to Become a Better Communicator

Man is a social being; we are wired to relate and communicate with one another. This is probably why it seems like extroverts get ahead; it is because they are better communicators. But you see, you can become a better… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Bring Confidence Back Into Your Life

Written by: Sarah Bull Confidence. It’s how we believe in ourselves and know that we’re able to live up to our potential and goals. Confidence also allows us to take risks and challenge ourselves. And it’s what enables us to build positive… Continue Reading →

Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30

There is something about being 30 that many women recognise and understand. There is just this unspoken rule that life is passing you by if you are yet to achieve some things; top on the list of which is marriage…. Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How to Ensure Your Relationship Can Handle Entrepreneurship

Written by: Sarah Bull It doesn’t matter whether your relationship is new or if you’ve been a couple for many years; starting a business can be stressful on the strongest of unions. But, starting your own business does not have… Continue Reading →

Things that Steal Your Happiness: 9 Toxic Things to Stop

Life can be very challenging. I am sure we have all had our share of life throwing us curveballs. But while some people are able to remain happy and cheerful, some people cannot shake off the constant unhappiness. If you… Continue Reading →

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