It is a new year again, the time of resolutions and new beginnings.

A lot of people associate the New Year to a time to start afresh, and make nouveau changes.

I also joined the wagon, albeit cluelessly because not only were they the trend, they were also considered necessary by many. And far be it from me to be left behind on trends, so I decided to make my own resolutions.

The only problem was I couldn’t quite grasp what it really signified and so, for many years, I made utterly ridiculous resolutions.

In a particular year, my resolution was to stop liking fine boys, it was getting too much.

I also imagined that some of the “other” guys would have great personalities but how was I to know that if I didn’t stop being superficial?

Little wonder I made it a point to add it to my list.

I have also ever resolved to start reading more. For some reason, I knew I could read practically anything fictional, from nursery books to abstract literature but when it came to academic writing, I struggled to read.

So since I didn’t want to waste my parents’ money, I decided that year to do something about it and made it a resolution.

Now I know you are wondering how someone can be this silly but those were mine.

The only thing was by February, I still found myself eyeing that cute usher in church lol and for reasons I can’t explain, I found myself reading a novel a week to exams.

It didn’t take long for me to realise I needed help.

However while I am sure you understand the above resolutions were somewhat true but mostly for humour, there are some resolutions we need to take seriously but begin to disregard after a few weeks of the year.

So for people who are in the same dilemma, I took it upon myself to present five ways – out of many, I am sure – that can help you keep your goals this year.


Make realistic goals: I am not saying don’t have big dreams, I am all for having faith; after all we are children of faith. However, even God is a God of order, so don’t pressurize yourself.

If you mount too much pressure on yourself, chances are you would give up on them faster. Break your goals or aspirations for the year into smaller achievable steps. So you don’t drain or disappoint yourself or worse, live in a fool’s paradise, be realistic.

Understand that success comes in stages, you don’t have to achieve all in a year. Do not despise the days of little beginnings.


Try daily or monthly goals: I have found this to be very effective and I am speaking from personal experience. There was a time I was trying to break a particular habit and I tried for years to no avail.

One day I stumbled on something a lady wrote online about overcoming daily, it inspired me.

So every day, during that time, I wake up and tell myself, “today, you won’t do this”, and somehow it got me through the day, till I got over it.

You could employ same methods to your resolutions. Whatever it is, do it daily or monthly depending on what it is. You will find it very effective.


Enjoy every step of the way: Enjoy every little achievement and every mistake you make on the way. It won’t be a smooth ride, be prepared for some hiccups on your journey.

However, don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, dust yourself and get back up on your feet.

Your mistakes and achievements will culminate into one beautiful story some day and the story would be very bland if the journey was all smooth.


Believe in yourself: Some of our resolutions look daunting and scary. But you have made them, so set out to achieve them.

Don’t listen to all the voices of doubts that are bound to come your way. Believe in yourself, there is literally nothing you set out to achieve that you can’t achieve.


Tell it to God: While I don’t want to sound too spiritual, we really must come to the realization that the spiritual controls the physical. So talk to God about your resolutions, admit your weakness and ask for His help.

God is our ever-present help in time of need, so He will hear you and help you achieve your goals.

I therefore, pray that God strengthens every one of us for what we set out to do this New Year. At the end of 2016, we will all have reasons to thank God that we achieved our goals in Jesus name. Go and do exploit.

Happy New Year!

happy new year