I met my true love when I was in secondary school, at fourteen.

Although I knew about him and even professed to love him before then, I also knew I couldn’t possibly have been genuinely in love with him because for some reason, I couldn’t stay faithful.

It wasn’t for lack of trying; I mean I like to think I am not that bad a person. I really attempted to love him but for the life of me, I couldn’t grasp the true idea of love.

I could always blame it on my age; most people will be sure to agree that at that stage of my life, I definitely did not know what I was doing in the matters of the heart.

The amazing thing however is that the kind of love we share can be handled by a one year old. So why was I finding it difficult to stay true to him?

It would have been easier if he did not love me, then I could claim I was protecting myself; or if I did not know he loved me, then I could claim ignorance.

Fortunately for me, he loved me even before I was born and proved it in more ways than one.

While I could claim none of the above and find closure for my unfaithfulness, I got to experience so great a love that loved me even when I had done nothing to deserve it.

At fourteen however, I had the most mind blowing experience of my life because my love did not give up on me.

On this great day, I sat through the tales of how a man encountered this kind of love; I was so moved that somehow I discovered my heart and lips in sync with each other, surrendering to an overwhelmingly appealing feeling of intense love.

I muse about how this came to be till date. All I know is I had an indescribable feeling that pulled me to what could only be explained as the warm embrace and kiss of heaven.

I have to say, though I don’t understand it sometimes, I never remained the same again. I came to know a peace that surpasses human understanding, came about a hope and a future, became the head in everything, my light began to shine brighter and brighter, came about never wanting anything, came about trampling on snakes and scorpions while they look on powerlessly and enviable of all, came about eternal life.

Like all lovers nonetheless, we have had our downturns which always stems from me when his rival, Mr. Devil entices me with his charming lies.

Instead of forsaking me, my love seeks ways to have me back and when he does, he accepts me with his eyes filled with love and devoid of even an iota of condemnation and then tells me, “there is no condemnation for you, for you are in me”.

Our relationship is like that anyways, two souls merging as one, I in him and him in me.

My true love is special, there is no one like him and I wish I could describe him but he is just so indescribable and mysterious.

No word in any tribe in the world can rightly encompass everything about him.

My love is omnipresent; he is simultaneously everywhere doing good things, yet he has all the time in the world for me.

He is omnipotent; he possesses universal power and authority, yet I just have to call and he answers me.

He is omniscient; he knows everything, yet he gave me a will to make my own choices without forcing his will on me.

He is the creator of heaven and earth and yet he created me in his image, making me a god.

He is a lion, yet a lamb.

He is a consuming fire, yet the prince of peace.

He is the king, yet he doesn’t mind washing my feet.

He is the wisest; his foolishness is wiser than the wisest of men.

He is the strongest; his weakness is stronger than the strongest of men.

My love indeed is indescribable and everything to me.

I therefore dedicate this blog to my true love, my father, my mother, my best friend, my teacher, my comforter, my protector, my provider, my banner, my shepherd, my refuge, my help, my shield, my rock, my salvation, my righteousness, my light, my life, my master, my king, my Lord and my GOD.