When you start a relationship, you are likely starting with the hope that your partner loves you as much as you do. You are hoping that they care about you and your happiness.

Unfortunately, not everybody thinks the way you do. Some people don’t start a relationship because they love their partner but because that person has something they want. 

And in some cases, they might not even do it intentionally; it is just who they are. They cannot help taking advantage of people if they are allowed to.

So, basically, it is left to you to protect yourself. And the first thing to do is to identify the signs that you are being taken advantage of. This way, you can quickly identify when you are being taken advantage of and find a solution. 

Having said that, let’s dive in.


7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Taking Advantage of You

  1. Your Relationship Is Not Defined

Sometimes, for different reasons, you may find yourself in a situation that is not defined. However, as whatever it is progresses, it is important that the relationship is defined. 

You cannot be wasting your time in a relationship that is uncertain – especially if that is not what you want.

Plus, if a man wants you, he will lay claim on you. If he isn’t, chances are he doesn’t want you but he is getting something from you that he doesn’t want to let go.

So, if you constantly bring up conversations of exclusivity and he doesn’t seem interested in getting into it or is never straight with his answers, that is one of the signs your boyfriend is taking advantage of you.

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  1. Your Needs Are Not Being Met

In a healthy relationship, the needs of the man and the woman are seen to.

Now, I am not talking about unrealistic wants. If you want a car and your man cannot afford it, that doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for the rocks – except you want it to. 

No, I am speaking about needs, and they are not necessarily material.

Are you happy? Are you being cared for?

Are you feeling wholesome? Are you growing and thriving? And is your partner contributing to seeing that you are?

If yes, your needs are being met. And if not, you are likely being taken advantage of. 


  1. You Put In All the Efforts

Relationships should not be approached as a 50-50 venture because it is practically impossible to achieve that.

Much more, both parties should approach it as a 100-100 venture where you are both putting your best into the relationship.

However, there will be times when one person might be putting in more due to circumstances. For instance, maybe your partner is running a per-time school program while you have more time, you might need to understand and compromise more in that season.

 But the situation should normally shift between the two of you regularly. 

If you are the only one perpetually putting in effort, compromising and sacrificing, then there is a problem. 

You cannot carry the weight of two people; it takes two to tango. 


Signs your boyfriend is taking advantage of you


  1. He Avoids Important Topics

A serious relationship will always require discussing serious and deep topics. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that is all you talk about. There should also be a good amount of banter and jokes between you.

But your relationship cannot always be superficial; you also have to discuss deep things. 

One of the signs your boyfriend is taking advantage of you is when he avoids discussing deep topics. It shows he is either dishonest or has no interest in committing to the relationship.


  1. You Only Hang Out On His Terms

There are many times when you would have to inconvenience yourself for your partner. For instance, they may want to eat at a restaurant that would demand you go out of your way for that to happen.

And in a healthy relationship, both parties would sometimes make that happen just to make their partner happy.

So if he cared about you, he wouldn’t only want to hang out on his terms and only when it is convenient.

Watch out for a boyfriend that only wants to spend time with you when it is convenient and only places they are comfortable with. 

In fact, it could be that they are trying to hide you and make sure you don’t run into anyone in their life.

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  1. He Doesn’t Bring You Around Friends and Family

Segueing from the last point, a guy that wants to be with you will want you to meet people in his life and want to meet yours.

If he is keeping you away from his people and never mentions – or avoids – meeting your people, there is a huge problem.

Of course, at the beginning of the relationship, it might be too early to bring the family in but you should be discerning to know when you should be introduced. 

If that time comes and nothing is happening, you are most likely being taken advantage of.


  1. He Is Passive-Aggressive

A man who is taking advantage of you will most likely be emotionally abusing you and be passive-aggressive. 

This is because he would want to shut down any argument you might have concerning his behaviour.

And so, he would gaslight you, respond passive-aggressively to you and make himself the victim of the situation. 

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