I know I speak for others when I say I hate being bored, and this is me, speaking as a homebody who enjoys being alone.

There is, sometimes, something stimulating about having nothing to do and just being alone with your thoughts. However, in some other cases, being alone with nothing to do can be excruciating, and you are itching for something interesting to do to occupy your time.

There is so much you can do when the boredom creeps in. And I will be providing some ideas on how to spend your time when you are alone. I also have ideas for when you are with your partner, children or friends.

Relaxing Do Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

  1. Read something hilarious

You can always read a thriller if that’s more your lane. But if you are thinking “relaxing,” then you should read something more comedic that is sure to put you in a good mood.

  1. Watch TV

What’s a relaxing time at home without your favourite TV shows? Get some snacks or food, a blanket to cuddle with and have fun with your best shows. 

  1. Play a game on your phone

Playing a game and beating the system is a good way to kill boredom and relax at home.

  1. Take a nap

What can beat a sweet nap? I speak for myself when I say nothing. Sometimes, your body needs a good nap time; don’t deny it. 

  1. Watch YouTube videos

There is so much content on YouTube that is educational or entertaining and great to pass the time. 

  1. Play with your pet

You have a dog? Great, this is a great time to play catch with it. 

  1. Cook

This may not work for everyone, but some people swear by how therapeutic cooking is. So, you can always try it. I would advise, though, that you cook something fun, not stressful.

  1. Listen to music

Listen to soothing music or danceable songs that can get you out of that bored mood.

  1. Dance

Like I said, listen to danceable songs and dance your boredom away.

  1. Draw or paint

If you are artistic, why not paint or draw something? In fact, even an unartistic person can try some drawing and painting. You are not submitting the work for scrutiny; you are just trying to relax, so let your brush and pencils flow. 

  1. Do your manis and pedis

A spa day is a good answer to boredom. Get your manis and pedis on.

  1. Meditate

Try some meditative exercises to still and relax you.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is not just great physical exercise but also benefits the mind. Try it to clear your mind.

  1. Get a massage

Again, you can never go wrong with a spa day.

  1. Window-shop online

You should probably not try this method if you are a shopaholic. If you know your self-control is in order, you can try window shopping online. Feed your eyes on beautiful items in different stores online.

  1. Soak in the bathtub

Soaking in a tub with your favourite drink on a hot afternoon or cool night is a chef’s kiss.

  1. Play dress-up

Nothing like looking good to take one of a funk. Wear your best attire and admire how beautiful you are.

  1. Call friends/family

Life gets so busy that we forget to check on the people in our lives who matter. A day you have nothing to do is a great time to catch up and check on everyone you have been meaning to.

  1. Try crocheting or Knitting

Don’t know how to? Not to worry; many videos online teach you how to crochet and knit. You may just spend your boring day creating a masterpiece.

  1. Watch comedy videos

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh the boredom away with comedy videos. You can watch TV shows or find videos on YouTube

Productive Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

things to do when bored at home

A boring day is also great for learning something or adding something to your life. So, don’t waste away that boring day; use it judiciously.

  1. Read classics

Go back to the classics. There is something mentally uplifting about reading books set in the centuries before you.

  1. Write

You could also always write. If you are not the best writer, even writing a journal talking about your day or hopes and aspirations could be the right motivation you need to push for success in your life. 

And if you are a writer, why not finish that book you have been writing for two years?

  1. Take an online class

That online class you meant to take but never quite had the time to? Now is the time for it. And even if you haven’t been meaning to take any class, you could look through classes on Udemy, Coursera or LinkedIn Learning to get a certificate that would boost your CV. 

  1. Listen to an educational podcast

There are many educational podcasts that could teach you something or stimulate your brain; you could listen to some.

  1. Learn a new language

Being multilingual is always an added advantage to you. Use your free time to learn a language.

  1. Watch TED Talk videos

TED Talk videos are filled with knowledgeable tidbits to add to your knowledge bank. And I’m sure you have heard that knowledge is power.

  1. Watch a documentary

What did we say about knowledge being power? Watch a documentary to learn about an event in history or someone in history.

  1. Work out

Working out keeps you healthy and keeps your mind sharp. Take advantage of your free time to work out.

  1. Get Your finances in order

Plan your budget and keep your books in order; your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Put together a Puzzle

Puzzles are mentally stimulating games; help your mind by putting together a puzzle. 

  1. Learn to play an instrument

Use the time judiciously to learn an instrument. And you don’t even need a coach; you can do it online.

  1. Learn something new

Knowledge gained is never wasted. So, learn something you have been meaning to learn or find something to learn.

  1. Start that thing you have always been meaning to

Like I have been saying, use this time for something you have always meant to do. It could be to start that book, apply for that online class or job, or register your business. This is a good time to start it.

  1. Clean out your home

Have you not gotten around to cleaning your home? You can do that to kill time, and before you know it, when your home starts taking shape, you will get into it.

  1. Update your resume

Get your resume or CV ready for the next best job.

Romantic Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home with Your Partner

a couple dancing at home

Being bored at home alone is one thing, but with a romantic partner, you really don’t have to be. There are tons of things to do to spend time together. 

  1. Cook your favourite meals

Cook together. Couples swear by how romantic it is to cook together. You can always cook your favourite food or learn a new recipe together. 

  1. Have an indoor picnic

You don’t have to step outside the house for a romantic picnic. Set your living room in order and enjoy your picnic. You can even add a movie to the equation.

  1. Cuddle

Sit on the couch or bed and cuddle; it is really the best way to have intimate conversations.

  1. Read together

Get a book and read together. You can take turns reading each chapter and speaking on it. 

  1. Dance

Dance! It is fun, and it is romantic. 

  1. Have an indoor romantic date

Tired of dressing up to go to dinner. Order takeouts and have a beautiful romantic date at home. And if you are feeling dressy, dress up and set your dining table for an intimate romantic date. 

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  1. Plan a romantic getaway

Romantic getaways are not only fun when you actually get away; planning them can also be fun. Use that boring time to plan one; you are probably due a vacation anyway.

  1. Have a heartfelt conversation

Talk! A couple cannot thrive without proper communication; that is the only way to know each other and deepen your bond.

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  1. Write and read letters to each other

Get to different parts of the house of the room and write romantic letters to each other. Then, read aloud what the other person wrote to you.

  1. Give each other massages

You have probably earned that gift anyway. So, get each other to relax by giving each other massages.

  1. Watch a movie-outdoor

Set up your backyard for a cute outdoor movie date in the cool of the night.

  1. Star-gaze in your backyard

Set up camp or a picnic in your backyard to enjoy the beauty of the night.

  1. Go down memory lane

Talk about how you met and how your relationship is so far. Go down memory lane and enjoy some of the stories that have brought you where you are now.

Fun Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home with Friends

friends playing a video game

You really shouldn’t be bored with your friends. Talking and teasing each other alone should give you something to do if you have nothing to do. But in case you are bored, you can try any of these suggestions. 

  1. Play a board game

Take your pick: Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, or any of the myriads of board games out there. Playing and competing with one another should make for an interesting time.

  1. Watch your favourite series

What better way to spend time with your friend than to catch up on your favourite series and argue about the plot or characters?

  1. Watch your favourite sport game

Again, what better way to while away time than to argue over players running around a field or court or wherever your favourite sport is played?

  1. Have an indoor karaoke

Sing to your heart’s content and watch each other mess up the melodies and lyrics. 

  1. Tell jokes

Crack each other up; laughter is the best medicine.

  1. Learn TikTok dances

TikTok dance challenges these days are not only fun but sometimes hilarious. So, have fun learning and doing some challenges.

  1. Order take out

Order take out and eat. Who doesn’t like eating good food with their friend?

  1. Try a new recipe together

Not only will you be spending time not being bored, you’ll have learnt something with your friend.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home with Your Children

a black mother reading with her kids at home

Kids are energetic beings; they almost always never run out of energy. It is like they always have something to do. If they are, however, somehow bored, you can keep them occupied with any of these ideas.

  1. Ride bikes with them in the yard

You can always teach them how to ride or ride with them if they know how to.

  1. Play school games

Let them lead on this one to teach you some of the games they play at school. Or you could teach them the ones you played back in the day.

  1. Clean the house

If they have nothing to do, get them to join you to clean the house. A clean house is therapeutic for all occupants of the house. 

  1. Play video games

Try some kid-friendly video games, especially those ones that are both fun and educative. 

  1. Watch cartoons

Spend time watching cartoons with them and be ready to answer all their questions while at it. 

  1. Have an outdoor picnic in the yard

You don’t have to go to the park to have a picnic with your kids. If you have a big yard, use it to your advantage. Set up a picnic and take turns telling stories.

  1. Read a book

Read a good book and teach them some values from it. 

  1. Tell stories

Your living room is enough to tell stories; you really don’t need any special setting if you are not up to it. 

  1. Take your dog for a walk

Take your dog for a stroll around the area.

  1. Swim

If you have a pool, swim and build up your muscles while they learn to swim and have fun in the water. 

  1. Camp in the backyard

Set up camping in your backyard, complete with marshmallows and horror stories. 

  1. Bake cookies

Bake something if you are not feeling like cookies. Let them help; they may mess up the kitchen, but cleaning it again will teach them something.

  1. Play and sing along to Disney songs

They’ll love it, and you’ll reminisce on fond memories.

  1. Plan your family vacation

Get them involved in planning your next family getaway.

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