There is so much talk about the things a woman needs from a man and not enough about what a woman can offer a man.

Now, that I have started with that, let me quickly say that I think if people are in a relationship, they should try to make each other happy.

That is important in a healthy relationship, so this is not me favouring one over the other.




This is me trying to bridge the gap that I believe has been left when it comes to relationships.

I feel like there is so much material on how to make women happy on the internet and not enough on how to make your man happy.

While I do believe and advocate that people are individuals and so should be treated like that, there are certain things we can pick on the average that a man really needs from his woman.

Having said that, let’s get down to it.


Things A Man Really Needs from His Woman

  1. Love

I know this sounds like it is so obvious.

I mean, of course, if you are in a relationship with someone, then it is taken for granted that you must love the person.

But sometimes, because it is taken for granted, some people don’t take the time to actually show each other love in their relationship,

Love is very intentional; it is not just something you feel – even though that also has its place.

It is something you do as well.

So, if you are in a relationship, it is important that you be deliberate about letting your man know you love him; in words and actions.




  1. Respect

You should respect your partner as a human being and as your man.

There is the general respect you give to fellow humans that you should naturally accord to him just like you expect the same from him.

But it doesn’t stop there; as your lover, there is also a level of respect that he would expect from you.

For instance, you don’t make certain decisions without considering him or act as though you are single.

You have to be considerate and let him understand that you care about how he feels and what his opinions are, even if you don’t always agree.

Being ready to make healthy compromises is also a huge way to respect your relationship and your partner.


  1. Attention

Men are expected in society to be strong all the time and being vulnerable is frowned upon. But imagine if he doesn’t feel safe enough with you to be vulnerable as well.

That’s almost spelling doom for the relationship.

Give him your ears to tell you things he can’t afford to tell anyone else and your shoulders when he needs comfort.

Sometimes, people don’t necessarily need a solution; they just need someone to listen to them. If that’s what he needs, provide that and if he encourages you to voice out your opinion, then you should.

The main point is that if a man wants to spend time with you, talk to you and be in your company, it is because he wants to and if he doesn’t feel wanted there, he will soon withdraw and that won’t look good for your relationship.


Things a man wants from his woman



  1. Know and Understand Him

Like I said earlier, I’m a huge advocate for treating people as individuals because I don’t think people always act based on a stereotype.

What am I getting at? I am saying your man is an individual, so seek to know him.

Get to know what he likes, dislikes, his pet peeves, hobbies, interests, values and what have you.

Know the trivial things like what he wanted to be as a child and the big things like what he thinks about children.

There is something awesome about being with someone who takes the time to know and understand what makes you tick.

It will definitely endear you to him.




  1. Peace

Life is full of ups and downs and there is just so much going on in the outside world that you shouldn’t add to the demons tormenting him.

One of the things a man needs from his woman is that she be his peace. He should be able to trust you to keep him grounded despite all that’s going on outside.


  1. Freedom

This is so important because some people get in relationships and believe that their life and that of their partner should revolve around the relationship.

Yes, he loves you but sometimes, he wants to spend time with his family and friends or spend time on his hobbies, interest and work.

He will not always be available to you and that’s okay. You should have a life outside of him too.

Sure, you can share those things with each other but you should be able to enjoy those things without each other as well.


  1. Trust

Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they are being constantly suspected.

If your man has given you no reason to distrust him, then please trust him to do right by you.

I mean, in the first place, you shouldn’t even be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust.

So if you feel like you can’t trust him, it is either you are insecure and should work on it or he is not trustworthy and you shouldn’t be in that relationship.

But if not, allow yourself and him to enjoy the relationship without acting like you are waiting for the next ball to drop.





I would argue that most – if not all – of what’s listed here can also serve as a list of what a woman wants from a man in a relationship.

Anyways, I always say that men are not that particularly different from women besides the physical.

So, I’m sure if you make sure your woman has all these in the relationship, she will thank you for it as well.


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