Last week, I wrote about things women can do that annoy men.

I felt it was only fair to write about things men can do that annoy women as well.

As a woman and speaking to other women, I can relate to so many things on this list that men probably see as normal but they drive women crazy.

You are probably reading this because you are curious or you genuinely want to learn these things. I hope after going through all these, you can be inspired to take a deeper look at your situation to adjust where necessary.


Things Men Can Do That Annoy Women

  1. Paying More Attention To Sports Than To Her

Women get it!

You love your sports!

In fact, if a woman loves you, although she might not be as dedicated to your favourite club as you are, she will be interested in hearing you talk about it, watching some games with you, or feeling your joy/sadness with you if your club wins/loses.

But it is not out of place that she wants to be a priority before sports. Put yourself in her shoes; I’m sure it is not a fun feeling if she picks a TV show over your needs.

Is it okay to take out time from each other to watch sport with your guys? Yes! In fact, time apart is encouraged for couples.

But is it okay to constantly flake out on dates or important events because your favourite club is playing? Absolutely Not!

If you love her, you should be able to manage your time properly and if it comes down to it, she wants to know you will pick her over sports.


  1. Forgetting Special Dates

For the weirdest reason, many men are guilty of this. However, at this point, I will like to equally appreciate the many men who don’t; you are highly appreciated.

But if you fall into the former category, please do better. There is no excuse for constantly forgetting birthdays and anniversaries.

If you are not good with dates like me, set a reminder on your phone calendar to remind you of important events.

So, there is no excuse. Finding a way out of your forgetfulness is one of the ways to show your love for her and your commitment to the relationship.


  1. Expecting Gifts To Solve Issues

It is not okay to expect to throw gifts at her any time there is an issue in the relationship. Even if she doesn’t realise that’s a huge red flag, it is not healthy for your relationship.

Talking about and resolving issues is very important. If you keep sweeping issues under the carpet, one day, they will blow up and by that time, it might be too big to handle.

Instead of trying to use a gift as a cover-up, how about communicating and trying to understand each other, so you can move on from the issue a stronger couple?




  1. Expecting Gifts to Take the Place of Attention

On the other hand, some men try to make up for giving too much time to work or something else by showering their women with gifts.

The truth is gifts are great, especially for someone whose love language is receiving gifts but they cannot take the place of your presence.

Your woman loves you and wants to be around you but throwing gifts her way to make up for not giving her attention is basically you saying she should spend more time with the gifts.

Even if she enjoys it for a while, she will quickly get tired of being in a relationship like that.




  1. Not Listening

This can come in two ways; it is either you are not listening when she is speaking to you or you don’t listen when she tells you things she expects you to know.

For the former, I know a lot of men complain about women talking too much. If you ask me, I think that’s a generalisation because there are many women I know who are actually quiet.

Whatever the case, a woman wants to know you are listening to her when she is talking to you. And this is about paying attention and letting her know you care about what she is saying.

For the latter, a woman is usually happy when you pay attention to the little things she told you she likes/dislikes. That gives her the impression you really love her and care to know what makes her happy.


  1. Avoiding Domestic Chores

Due to the harmful narrative that domestic chores are a woman’s duty, many men have been known to avoid chores.

It is even so bad that some men cannot pick after themselves. As far as chores are concerned, they need a woman to take care of them.

Well, frankly speaking, it is becoming unrealistic for men to expect this. These days, women – and rightfully so – expect men to do their share of the house chores.

Let’s look at it this way; in the ancient tradition, men were out to make the money while women stayed home but now, both men and women are out there making the money, so it is only fair that they both share the domestic chores as well.


  1. Messing Up the Home

I’m going to be quite blunt here!

It is kind of ironic that many men don’t lift a hand to do their share of domestic chores but they also don’t hesitate to mess up the home.

Peeing on the toilet seat;

Leaving the toilet seat up;

Throwing laundry around and not the right place;

Piling up the sink with dirty dishes.

These and more are some of the things that really drive women crazy.


  1. Never Admit Wrong

There are many men who will do anything but admit they are wrong. For some reason, they think it is not masculine to accept that they are wrong when it is simply human to do so.

If you are wrong, it is only expected that you admit that you are wrong and make corrections. The fact you are a man doesn’t mean you are infallible; you are still human.


  1. Taking the Role of Problem Fixer

Men have been taught to be fixers; and so, I don’t blame men when they always feel like they have to have a solution when their woman has an issue.

But sometimes, all a woman needs is someone to listen to her.

Just listen, let her know you are there, and ask her what she needs from you; that will prompt her to let you know what she needs from you now.

But besides that, don’t jump into the role of hero and wonder why she doesn’t appreciate it. Letting her know you have her back is more important; so, when she needs help, she can ask for it.



Having written for both men and women, I believe the main issue, at the end of the day, is that we need to practice more empathy.

Asking ourselves how we would feel if we are in the shoes of our partner will go a long way and if we still can’t relate, we can try to understand their point of view. I believe, this way, we will have healthier relationships than we do now.

If you are reading this as a man, all you have to do is take another look at why women listed these things as some of the things that annoy them and try to adjust, even if you are compelled to argue.