I am a bookworm; I am arguably the biggest bookworm I know. I realise there are certain qualities that every book lover can relate to.

If you can relate to most of these things, then you are a book lover.

  1. Your biggest desire is to own a personal library. Many book lovers can relate to wanting to own a personal library in their home. They may want to own a big shoe or cloth closet but a personal library is a big dream as well.
  2. You love the smell of books. E-books are great and many book lovers (especially millennials) appreciate the portability of e-books. However, there is something therapeutic about the smell of books – especially, old books – that every bookworm can relate to.
  3. Even the sight of the number of books you have in your bookshelf is satisfying. There is something fulfilling about knowing you own a lot of books; it is actually a thing of pride.
  4. You are always feeling like you don’t read enough. Even though you have read countless numbers of books, there is always more to read.
  5. You cannot pass by a library or a book shop without giving it a second glance. Spending money on books is a temptation many of us cannot resist.
  6. You actually enjoy the company of books more than that of people. People are great sometimes, but books are better.
  7. You feel more connected to characters in books than with most people. Most bookworms are introverted and not exactly the most social people anyway.
  8. You don’t mind waiting because there is a book in your bag or an e-book in your device that can keep you company.
  9. You are also most likely a night-crawler because night time is usually the best time to read without interruptions. I always promise myself I will read just one more page or one more chapter but I never keep that promise.
  10. Every spare time is an opportunity to read. In fact, even times you can use doing other things – like chores – is an opportunity to read.
  11. You make friends easily over books. I find it easier to start conversations with people when I see them with a book than I would normally when they are without one.
  12. You always have a book at hand when you run errands or have to meet people because you might have to wait a few minutes.
  13. You always have a book when travelling and vacation time is a good opportunity to sit back and read.
  14. You know many words that you cannot pronounce because they are not used in everyday conversations but you learnt them through reading
  15. You have that friend that loves books as much as you do.

If you can relate to most of what is listed above, congratulations; you are definitely a book lover.



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